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  1. Pionnier331

    PES 2016 sharing option files?

    does anyone know if you'll be able to use option files with the Xbox One????
  2. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    you can play without it, once its copied to your hard drive
  3. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    Quick question How do I sign a national team player to a club team? I want to put the team USA Julian Green on Hamburg
  4. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    5***** loving the extra squads. Your file was worth the wait bruv. other OFs have the Bundesliga, but their ratings weren't realistic. your criteria was the best. hats off to you
  5. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    chill out dude *From his twitter "I can guarantee that the new update will be out by Tuesday night at the latest, featuring Bundesliga, new kits and 4 extra European teams"
  6. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] The Chilean Way PES2015 by Tibinator

    I injected all of the files to my flash drive with Horizon But it did not work. Do you have any idea of what I did wrong?
  7. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] The Chilean Way PES2015 by Tibinator

    do I need to format my flash drive/pen drive on the xbox 360? if so, what file size?
  8. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] The Chilean Way PES2015 by Tibinator

    I see that Option Files are not available is there a tutorial on how to install these patches? someone please? :/
  9. Pionnier331

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    ive been following Schitzophonic's twitter, hoping for updates on the new file apparently hes almost done with the Bundesliga I cant wait lol. Its the only option file that ive wanted to use to be honest
  10. Pionnier331

    data pack 3 released

    if you export your Edit Data to a cloud, or USB drive, and then upload it to the game after a new data pack, your rosters will remain the same does that work for the PS3/PS4/Xbox 1 as well?
  11. Pionnier331

    Eljero Elia

    Elia was added yesterday
  12. Pionnier331

    December DLC/patch?

    tbh im not expecting anything more, at this point they gave us new teams, they are updating transfers (even in the lower divisions), and will give us a new data pack with updated offline rosters next month
  13. Pionnier331

    2015 AFC Champions League

    I doubt it mayne would be nice to see though id like to be use an updated Al-Ain and Al-Jazira
  14. Pionnier331

    Classic players not in the game

    lol. the list could go on for pages
  15. Pionnier331

    Eljero Elia

    lol @ Elia being on the national team. That guy is trash at this point in his career. Hasn't been "good" since his younger days Your only option is to create him, or wait until the new update, when he will be added to Southampton's roster
  16. Pionnier331

    Tackling players dribbling at you from the wing.

    its all about positioning square up/jockey, and try to defend, containing the inside shoulder *Red Star St. Ouen Academy :)
  17. Pionnier331

    December DLC/patch? he was recently added with the new Liveupdate, so he wont be able to see him on the roster you can only use him with Live Update on. Hes on the bottom of the subs list
  18. Pionnier331

    [Faces & Kits] Faces by Homer S.

    would it be too much to ask for Paul Ince?
  19. Pionnier331

    December DLC/patch?

    looks like he was added on Christmas