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  1. zizou88

    being able to sell players in master league

    I usually just release my reserve players when I am not using them. Usually after 2 or 3 seasons the players I put on the transfer list get offers
  2. zizou88

    In the edge... Pes 2010 gameplay Views

    That does seem attractive...on the other hand, convincing Konami to go that route is likes asking horse to learn piano.
  3. zizou88

    this thing is REALLY driving me crazy !! HELP

    btw, use the search bar.. this topic was alive yesteday
  4. zizou88

    Hello from Sweden!

    welcome mate! I started as a lurker too. Hope to see more of you throughout the forums.
  5. zizou88

    Transfer cheat in Master League....Its work.....

    thumbs up for the effort. but arsahvin and lennon are really just not worth all that trouble for me. =D. or just go to edit mode
  6. zizou88

    Top 10 things you want in PES11

    1. License teams like a proper game business should. 2. Make physical challenges more realistic, not just running into each other and whoever has better stats somehow runs off with the ball. 3. Commentary...please 4. player rating system needs tweaking 5. SCRIPTING, pes decides that they won't...
  7. zizou88

    In the edge... Pes 2010 gameplay Views

    I don't get it... There is no footage of game play either.
  8. zizou88

    My Chelsea FC Goal Compilation in PES2010

    nice goals, poor choice of music no offense. i have heard that song so many times i feel nauseous whenever i hear it again.
  9. zizou88

    In the edge... Pes 2010 gameplay Views

    in some ways, i feel like pes 2010 is like a completely new game compared to the old pes. It just borrows the same format and functions. This is encouraging as I hope version 2.0 of this half-assed game will be like vista to windows 7
  10. zizou88

    big or small team to start??

    Bolton! Bolton is a good team to start. Squad is full of players with decent stats, but only 1 above 80. It's not too challenging but its not too easy.
  11. zizou88

    Position/rating question

    thank goodness for the edit mode, but somehow it seems like cheating.. but it must be done no?
  12. zizou88

    Somebody heard us..

    hm, i don't want to sound like a troll, but I have a feeling that this game could end up becoming a childish arcade version of soccer like virtual tennis. or maybe not?
  13. zizou88

    Somebody heard us..

    or perhaps, footy's creed.
  14. zizou88

    Master League Crash

    it would be helpful to post your pc specs
  15. zizou88

    Ideas Compilation Post.

    is it just me, or is it hard to read WHEN EVERYTHING IS IN CAPS? otherwise, respectable ideas and a good contribution. i wonder how hard it is too ad these things or if Konami just doesn't want to fuss about it
  16. zizou88

    Why is there no German League?

    Because we keep buying the game! =D haha
  17. zizou88

    How are you doing in Master League?

    it must feel fantastic to have a squad like that...but doesn't it get dull when you are destroying opponents all the time? pes 2009 i built up liverpool to that status and it got dry very quick. I have restarted my ML 5 times now, each because a new OF came out and deletes my old ML files =(
  18. zizou88

    Somebody heard us..

    even if this game fixes all the problems, it will probably have a load of problems in itself. it will be version 1.0 of their footy game. I am not getting to excited. But i am hoping to be surprised.
  19. zizou88

    I've never been awarded a penalty

    took me about 300 games to get one. when it came, it was my first time shooting at that different camera angle and i wanted to down the middle. instead i ended up hitting the corner flag....
  20. zizou88


    that doesn't seem too useful