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  1. milly_willy

    PES 2012 Demo Keeper Glitch

    hopefully keepers become better in the final version. Anyone notice then when they dive instead of diving sideways they dive slightly upwards and then sidewards? this makes it much easier to score as they're too slow to dive to the ball!
  2. milly_willy

    Dribbling in pes 2012

    I found it easier to dribble with r1 and r2 to sprint and quick turns use r2
  3. milly_willy

    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    Loving it. I'm only playing the winning eleven demo as i am waiting for the the psn store to update, and as it's all in japanese i can't really figure out all the controls and stuff but that doesn't matter as the gameplay is amazing. If this is only a crap build then i cannot wait to see what...
  4. milly_willy

    51 emblem spaces in PES 2012

    this maybe a stupid question but how comes FIFA can manage to have 5x the amount of leagues and kits PES has and PES doesn't have enough space to make 5 extra completely fake leagues and emblems?
  5. milly_willy

    The worst goal keepers in any football game ever.

    tbh i think the bad goal keeping was down to the amount of curl and power on that free kick. Truly amazing.
  6. milly_willy

    Not getting injured in ML?

    personally i think you're quite lucky. When i have the coaches and doctors on the highest i never recieve injuries. Then when i got bankrupt and had to go down to the default ones, i was getting injuries every 3 weeks; Players were even going out injured for months
  7. milly_willy

    Help! How do I extend someones contract!?

    Acc it's the other way round. 3/3 means they are at the end of their contract and need a renewal. When it comes to the transfer period your scout will inform you of who needs contract renewals. All you do is go in to current transfer negotiations and click on the person and then click renew.
  8. milly_willy

    everyone is picking madrid or barcelona online

    played 6 games online, played against barca 6x, i won all six games :) most of the people out there don't actually know how to play with the big teams. They use messi, i use arshavin :D
  9. milly_willy

    The 'How are you doing in MLO' thread

    unable to play this mode. Keep getting a message saying "due to restrictions placed on my connection by the network devices I am using." Anyone know how to fix this? I am able to play online 1v1 just not mlo =/
  10. milly_willy

    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Was just wondering... Once you add a club to your "my desired club" list, how long does it roughly take for that club to get in contact with you?
  11. milly_willy

    slow defenders catching up to fast players

    Just try tapping the sprint button in between touches. Helped me out loads.
  12. milly_willy

    After playing alot of games, this is what I think needs the most urgent fixing

    the advantage rule is in there, just very rarely happens.
  13. milly_willy

    is the Winning Eleven demo a slightly newer code than the PES one?

    is there different teams in the WE demo?
  14. milly_willy

    Try this to see heartbreakingly PES broken once again.

    i might seem quite retarded but i havent acc noticed this until you said it. Maybe that's because i don't jog down the line; which i think is quite unrealistic.
  15. milly_willy


    Yes i was playing on defualt 0 and actually the messi goal was from outside. Besides, that was just a few from the current match i was playing when i read this thread. I have scored quite a few from outside of the box, especially with xavi. The video was just to show that it takes time to get...
  16. milly_willy


    to all those having problems with shooting, just hold R1 when you shoot. Problem solved. To prove it works, here is me shooting with R1...
  17. milly_willy


    totally agree with the people saying you need time to practice. At first I must admit I did find it hard and did get rather annoyed, but the more i played it the more i found out how to shoot and keep them low. I have scored some really nice ones, especially with xavi.
  18. milly_willy

    What Will You Do First In The Full Version Of PES 2011 ?

    Play a few matches to get used to it and see how it's improved from the demo. Wait until I get an amazing OF from the lovely experts before I start any master leagues or bal.