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    PES 2013 wish list

    My only wish for PES 2013? FIX THE DAMN GAMEPLAY!! Everything else is all well and good but if the game plays like a pile of Vomit whats the point? PES 2012 IMO was absolutely all over the place!
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    But seriously man saying your bored of waiting? At least this well known patch maker is continuing his great work for PES 2011.......
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    Only thing to pay for of course is the game.... no Piracy.
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    Basically if you have updated the System Software on your PS3 since mid August? you are screwed, you will either have 3.42 or 3.50 Firmware. If you have 3.41 on the other hand you can obtain a USB device that can "Jailbreak" your PS3. Such devices are TI 84 Calculator Nokia N900...
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    Or a PS3 with System Software Version 3.41 and a PSGroove Jailbreak device ;) Android Phone, TI 84 Calculator et al.
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    Hi Bollox, Can you tell me where the Face Files are stored? Which IMG it is? Id like to have a crack at making some of the faces better.
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    Commentary Call Names

    Sounds odd as hell. Nothing like Jon Champion.
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    [PS3] Alkhens Npower championship OF for Bles 20

    Awesome! I will be getting this later :)
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    Glad the Chatbox isnt here. There is one over at Evo Web and it makes the place look un-professional and untidy!
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    I am willing to test this theory out when Bollox releases the patch :) (please dont take this as pressure mate because it certainly is not) Bollox, I can test it on the 360 without having to burn Coasters if you wish?
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    Id imagine if the IMG files on PS3 to 360 are identical there is nothing stopping anyone with a JTAG'd 360 (I have one) from copying the PS3 IMG files to their JTAG'd USB Hard Drive or 360 Hard Drive (Depending on where you have ripped your Original Disc to). Correct me of course if im wrong...
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    [PC] 2010 Patch - Version 1.3 Released - 19/12/09 + Fix 1.31

    Errr ok but this is when Creating new Master League saves... NOT loading old ones!
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    [PC] 2010 Patch - Version 1.3 Released - 19/12/09 + Fix 1.31

    Works now but Cannot re-load master league saves!!! Runtime Error!
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    [PC] 2010 Patch - Version 1.3 Released - 19/12/09 + Fix 1.31

    Tried doing it as per the exact instructions. Still doesnt work. I think I might have to give up as I have no idea why this thing wont work for me!
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    [PC] 2010 Patch - Version 1.3 Released - 19/12/09 + Fix 1.31

    Just checked and it says you have to use this with the Konami 1.2 patch not 1.3. Is this the case? Is this 1.3 compatible and do you have to install the 1.3 patch AFTER you have installed 1.2 and this patch?
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    [PC] 2010 Patch - Version 1.3 Released - 19/12/09 + Fix 1.31

    Hi guys, I have installed this patch but something has gone horribly wrong. When I go to edit mode the Badges for all EPL teams are the Konami Default ones and the kits are Plain White PES kits. What have I done wrong? I have checked and Kitserver is attached my PES2010.EXE file and its still...
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    Face Scans Request

    Can anyone do me an Eric Cantona Face? I know its a big ask but id love to add some Classic Premier League players into my PES 2010. Also Alan Shearer would be cool too!
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    what is an 16 way movement ?

    They need to take it away from the D-Pad. this restricts you to 8 directions straight away *runs before someone screams at him!! We need to use Analog Control, you get tonnes more scope for directions to move in.
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    Ideas for patch pes 2010

    What ever happened to Bollaxmaster? He used to do 360 Patches for PES....
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    New pes screens

    Haha at your sig. You got banned from WENB due to constant negativity from what I can gather mate.