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    Champions League is rigged.

    Never mind. I finally won Champions League. And the International Champions Cup. All trophies won. I should mention that all 1,385 hours played were done watching them in Coach Mode. I love that mode for its unpredictability. Sure, I could probably play the games myself and win...
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    Champions League is rigged.

    Despite being sacked 15-20 times in this game I've managed to win every trophy that Barnsley can win. Except for two. The International Champions Cup, and Champions League. I don't care about The International Champions Cup because I rarely get a crack it it. But after 1,400 hours...
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    Getting Sacked in Master League

    I had no idea you could get fired in Master League. I played 5 seasons with Barnsley and suddenly got sacked after a bad run of games. I was surprised, but okay with it, because it was my own fault for bringing in 5 new players at once, which ruined our team chemistry. So I decided to quit...
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    Salary Budget Imbalance

    This game is broken. They don't give you enough money in Master League for salary budget to survive. Eventually you go broke and the only way to rectify the issue is to skip matches. Because your win ratio is higher when you skip matches. Totally broken.
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    What causes you to be fired in ML Challenge?

    Here's some feedback for you. PES 2019 will be much different. You won't have unrealistic expectations from owners. For example, if I choose Millwall, and I'm expected to finish top 9 in my first year, I'm sure to get fired. PES 2019 won't be like that.
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    So, a week down the line. Thoughts???

    I really like this new PES game. This is the best sports game that I have ever played in my life. And the best video game I've ever played. And that's saying a lot. But let me explain why. The entertainment value of PES 2018 is very high. Value for money is very high. And yes, it...
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    Just tried the demo, absolutely awful. Adam Batti is a con

    I did. And all three of those games, including 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 were all garbage compared to PES 2018. Can't wait for Master league on PC. Can't wait to see what they do for 2019 & 2020, too. This game kicks a--- compared to FIFA and Football Manager. Which would make...
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    I love the new financials in this game. Because they are much more realistic. It used to be, in PES, had total control of the bank account. We were pretty much the coach, manager and owners of the team. We had access to ALL income. Which was absurd, because we were making money hand over...
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    My Master League 2017 Journey

    Talking to yourself? No way. We hear you loud and clear. Who isn't playing this game? What, some graphics nerd that can't get over the pixels? Or could it be the super sloths, who are too lazy to install a mod? The gameplay is incredible. I don't even need to tell you the...
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    Is the game harder this year or is it me?

    Yes, and it's about time. This game was always about exploiting the AI's flaws. Now the AI exploits you. It's smarter. More dynamic. And can adjust on the fly. Rather than make the same mistakes over and over again. It's amazing. Very well designed. Best football simulation...
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    you're fired!

    Are you guys sure about that? Because they used to not renew your contract if you finished in the bottom three of division 2. So you lost your job. But you always had offers, to go elsewhere, so it wasn't the end of the world.
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    Playing Master Leasgue as a Sim

    Am I the only one that plays Master League as a sim? For 5 years I have never played against a human. I just simulate the manager experience, watching all the games using the 15 minute setting so the games don't take forever to watch. I always put the setting on 'superstar', though I'm...
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    Just Terrible. Want to love PES again but:

    You need to play a lot more than 20 games. Getting fouls called is a skill to be earned. They train for it. Eventually, many of your players will earn the Malicia skill. And fouls will be called all the time.
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    Continuing Saves After Oct 29th

    I suspected this might be the case. Though in the distant past I would use FirePatch mod, and then in recent years PESGalaxy mod. Which were hulking patches. This year I'm hoping that if I just stick with Laim's DayOnePatch it will work. Because his patch only changes logos, kits, and...
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    PES16...It's Good to be Back!

    Seems their injury stat actually matters now. I played a couple of seasons and had several injuries, including a keeper.
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    Continuing Saves After Oct 29th

    Every time a Konami patch was released in previous years I was no longer able to continue my Master League save. It would just say my save was no longer compatible every time I tried to load it. So on the 29th I assume the same thing will happen. Is there any way to continue a save? I...
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    ML is rubbish...

    . I'll never buy PES again in my life. The direction they are taking the game is... Thataway. I decided to finally give Football Manager a try. Wow, what a beast of a game that is. Damn, it's good. Really good. Makes PES and FIFA feel like Sesame Street. .
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    Ml news

    Pes 2012 MLO training was the worst creation i've ever seen in a sports game. What an abomination.
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    The Computer cheats- official

    HWRyan,yes, that's the way it works. It's pretty twisted. Hard to believe this is what they created. So poorly done. Someday this game will get taken in the right direction by people that know what they are doing. You'd think that the people who make football games would want to make the...
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    Patch 1.03 Released!

    They can't change this game overnight. They have a lot of fixing to do to get this game back on track. It just gets worse and worse. Now they are so far in the hole it'll take an overhaul to upright it. I expect nothing good to come out of a little patch like this. Not with what i've seen...