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    D&B Elite Option File Version 1,2&3 (Xbox 360)

    Hey guys! Does anyone know where i can get the konami update for my 360. Need it in order to install this option file. /thanks in advance
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    Pes 2008 updated stats, ablilties and postions of players. pt 2

    Can you please post stats and apps for Nsofor Obinna of Inter /thanks
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    obinna of inter

    can someone please hand me stats amd apps for nsofor obinna thanks
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    Appearance and stat finding request thread!

    Hi, could someone please make Aston Villa new promising defender Curties Davies. I´ve heard a lot of good things about him.
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    Jose Sosa

    Does anyone have stats and apps for the new Bayern Munich player Jose Sosa? Thanks in advance
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    Appearance and stat finding request thread!

    Jose Sosa Hi, does anyone have stats and apps for the new Bayern Munich player Jose Sosa. /Thanks in advance
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    [PS2 & PC] LG Option File V1.0

    This sounds really promising. But is it available in Bin/Cue file? cheers
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    [All] Cantona's PES6 option file v1.5

    boots Hi, does this file include edited boots?
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    [PS2] swiftninja & PES Tweedy PES6 OF V.1.2

    boots Hi, mate.Does this option file include edited boots?
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    [WE10] Option File 5.2 [WECG] club KIT by Louis

    Hi, I just wonder which boots does this file include?
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    [WE10] fabiano´s patch BrMiX v2 - 01/05/2006

    Hi, fabiano I wonder if this patch includes all the world cup kits and the club team kits
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    [WE10] Fernando's English Patch v3 - 28/04/06-

    Worls cup Kits and boots Hi, Fernando do this option file include the newest boots and national(world cup) and club kits for WE10. Or is it to early to create the file that I need.
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    [PS2] SpireKopite's World Cup Option File

    Good job mate, but for the moment I need an option file with the same content for WE10. Are you planning on making one?
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    players are not in pes5 (creating)

    Victor obinna Hi mate, could you also give me stats for nigerian starlet Obinna of chievo, he´s gonna play for Inter after new year. Thanks in advance
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    I need stats for Rafinha of Schalke

    Can someone please give me stats for the Schalke player Rafinha. I find him to be extremely promising fullback, who I think is gonna take over after Cafu at the Brazilian national team. Thanks in advance
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    Nuri Sahin

    hi,what do you mean with go to my appearence and stats? how do i go there
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    Nuri Sahin

    here is the link for his pic? could you fix stats too.
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    Nuri Sahin

    Could someone please create turkish starlet Nuri Sahin? thanks in advance
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    Nuri Sahin

    Could someone please create the young turkish starlet Nuri Sahin? please..
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    Luciano Figueroa

    Could someone please make Luciano Figueroa, he just signed for Villareal