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    Batman: Arkham City [PS3/360/PC]

    Still not liking some of the boss designs. Harley looks like too much of a sket and Two-Face could do with some work. He looks like a burns victim, which I guess technically he kinda is, but I prefer it when his design is kept simple, half a face scarred, then the classic Two-Face suit. Where as...
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    Dead Rising 2 [360/PC/PS3]

    New release date of September 24th for us Brits. :joel: The downloadable prologue Case Zero is out on the 4th for 400 MS points too. Not sure when/if it'll come to the PS3. I have no idea how long it will be either, some say half hour, some say 2 hours.
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    Mafia 2

    Seems to be getting pretty average reviews. IGN gave it a 7 and Kotaku's review didn't sound too favourable. Hopefully it'll be £15-20 by Christmas.
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    The comments back me up! 'Women don't want to see a man's cleavage. Far more sexy is a...

    The comments back me up! 'Women don't want to see a man's cleavage. Far more sexy is a buttoned-up shirt and a narrow tie, or a polo neck, or a cashmere sweater with a very high V,' she advised. I'd probably wear one if I had a nice hairy chest like Ed though.
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    Fifa 11

    Ball still seems to be glued to the players' feet.
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    Fifa 11

    Graphics and overall presentation look much better. I have high hopes this year. I'm sure I read they had improved corners though? Still looks like only 2 players jump for the ball. Also.. About time! inb4 jokes...
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    Wrestling Video Games (WWE '13) Sounds great! It mentions DLC too, with those who buy the game brand new receiving the first batch free. So one way or another, I think Nexus are a certainty. I'll probably wait for the inevitable £10 off the RRP which Amazon seems to do a...
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    Wrestling Video Games (WWE '13)

    There's going to be a big reveal on IGN at some point today. Bah God give us Danielson and I'll buy it. Someone should rename this the SmackDown vs. Raw thread, innit.
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    Extreme Warfare Revenge

    Pray Dixie Carter doesn't take over. I started a game with August data a few days ago. I had to make some changes first. A few people's stats weren't really up to scratch. Miz might not be the best wrestler, but a 64 for brawling is a bit ridiculous. Anyway, Flair was released from TNA so...
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    Master League Online Beta!

    Should hear something by Monday. I read on PESFan it's limited to 1000 people per console though, so I'm not holding my breath for an invite.
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    Master League Online Beta!

    Didn't see a thread, but I only checked this section. :blush: Get signing up dudes.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    It's was a load of wad compared to Modern Warfare plain and simple. This fella right here knew the dealio
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    Mafia 2

    Anyone tried the PS3 version? I heard the graphics weren't up to scratch and it suffers from some bad slowdown in places. I prefer playing third-person games with the dual-shock and there is some exclusive DLC for the PS3 version, but if there's slowdown I'll have to get it for the 360.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Looks quite good, but so did MW2. I'm still torn between this and MoH. Probably wise to get neither due to the lack of destructible environments and vehicles in both games.
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    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    I miss Modern Warfare 1.
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    Xbox 360

    Bummer. The main reasons I wanted to trade is there's the likes of Halo, Fallout and Gears coming out within the next 6 or so months, plus some older games I want to go back and play. I could really do without my current model red-ringing and losing it for a month or so. I guess I'll hold...
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    What are you currently playing?

    I finished Fable II after 18 months of stopping and starting. It was decent. There's a really good game in there somewhere, they just need to over-haul a couple of things. The whole social/expression wheel thing isn't great. I prefer to interact with words, rather than flexing my muscles and...
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    Xbox 360

    Has anyone traded in the old model for a "slim" yet then? I'm thinking about it, but I only have an arcade model with a 120GB HD. I expect I'd have to pay at least £120 which doesn't seem worth it. And I know in America some game stores allowed customers to transfer over all their old...
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    Mafia 2

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    Fifa 11

    Fingers crossed it plays as good as it sounds. After about a month or so I usually get bored with FIFA. Every match starts to feel the same. The presentation and improvements to the career mode are looking very good. I remember I used to hammer the Master League on PES, but after about 5...