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  1. Cray

    The premiership stripping girls

    The avatar in 'girlz4james' made me create this thread... :rolleyes: I bet there must be a thread like this somewhere, but i cant seem to find it. Anyway, i heard that there was a magazine hired some girls to represent each team in the EPL, and when the teams plays each other in real life...
  2. Cray

    Totaal Voetbal

    In PES4, the classic Holland team. Do their formation, strategies and stuff makes them play 'Totaal Voetbal'?
  3. Cray

    How much do you worth?

    I believe there are a lot of you create yourself in the game. I know some of you create yourself and it worths 5000 points in the game. :rolleyes: Personally, i like to be true to myself, i consist of only 3 stats up to 8X the others range around from 50-7X, with 4 special abilities...and i...
  4. Cray

    First Milestone in PESInsight

    Yeah~~ i finally reach my 100th post in this forum...let me make some comments on some of the members of this site~ Zyglaski: i reckon he is more like the boss around here than Hitman, and he has this intelligent humour, which quite attracts me to read his post (excluding the stuff like...
  5. Cray

    The movie--'Closer'

    starring Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen... a great movie! the movie felt 'real'...the conversations are hilarious too! :D i wanna ask, what is that song in the beginning of the movie or the end of the movie or in the trailer of the movie?
  6. Cray

    What are patches?

    i am pretty new here, so i have no idea how to get the patches and "transfer" it to PS2...niether i know what should i do after the patches are installed in the game...a little help please?