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    Is the game harder this year or is it me?

    Hi there I admit PES 2017 is solid hard on Superstar LV, and very difficult to score especially when playing against top teams like Real madrid and Barca using an average team. CPU is smart, they exploit every mistake you make and counter attack, then BANG....CUP scores, its very Superstar. CPU...
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    I'm just not enjoying PES 2016 whatsoever!

    Hi there Its so true, on Super Star LV, most of the time when AI decides to score, your defenders are just decorations and utterly powerless, in ML, I played an away game with Baca, I use Malaga, and manage to equalize 2:2 at 70's minute in 2nd half. Neymar is just a nasty bastard, he is...
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    Data Pack 1 Released

    Hi gamers The updated transfers should be done and included in the game when PES 2016 was first released. I can never understand why it is so hard and troublesome for KONAMI to simply release a new PES game with fully updated transfer squads, it cant be forgiven. KONAMI is filled with lazy...
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    The Patch: Will it Solve the Goalkeeping Woes?

    Hi gamers I admit goalies in this game are not well designed, some close range shots cant be saved thats fine, because keepers have no time to respond quickly enough, just like in real football. But some shots from very tight angles definitely should be saved, also some 1on1 shots. I cant...
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    About graphics.. its just horrible

    Hi who, I just bought PS4 and PES2016, Bloodborne in September, before PES 2016 was released, I played Bloodborne a lot, the game is difficult just like Dark souls series, but its such a joy to play. Then I got PES 2016, and played it as long as I have free time, cannot put the game down. I...
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    One thing I don't like about pes16...

    Hi Rat monkey Thanks for your information. Those tactics you mentioned against Bayern do make sense, I am not good at utilizing tactics against top teams, so still much for me to learn about tactics. Good luck to your games.
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    One thing I don't like about pes16...

    @ Rat monkey Hi, how is your game going on Super Star LV, what do you think about this game on SS LV, is it easy than Top player or its challenging for you. My take on SS LV is weak team is weak, and strong team is strong. I can beat weak teams (DF rating 60-74) more often than not by...
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    I cannot believe I got roped into buy this POS game!

    Hi who I get what you saying. PES is a fun game to enjoy without exploiting its design weakness, sometimes game's bug will give you more options to play and it just happened. I still play SS LV, its a challenge for me while playing against top teams like Bayern, R madrid by using lesser...
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    I cannot believe I got roped into buy this POS game!

    @ who Hi there I tried your dribbling trick, on SS LV, in Exihbition match, I use Chelsea to play a home game with Bayern Munchen, form arrow all red up, the trick does not work for me, CPU defenders mark me very tightly, no... I cannot dribble through on goal, and I am unable to watch your...
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    I cannot believe I got roped into buy this POS game!

    Hi who I am on PS4, will try your " dribble through trick" later on SS LV, hope it wont work, otherwise the game will be dead boring. If the trick really works, probably its time to play on TP LV, I never played on TP myself too. Anyway, good luck to your games.
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    I cannot believe I got roped into buy this POS game!

    @ who Hi there (I am on PS4) Well, I ve not tried walking my way through CPU whole defence line on Super Star LV, how do you dodge AI's tackling in, or they(fullbacks) just stand there and watch you dribble through them then score? I really want to know how you manage to do that. You are...
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    I cannot believe I got roped into buy this POS game!

    Hi Ironcity Have you started playing PES 2016 yet, if not, what in PES 2016 makes you stop play this new game? Is there anything in particular that enrage and irritate you in PES 2016?
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    I cannot believe I got roped into buy this POS game!

    Hi gamers When playing offline, on Super star LV, if you play against top teams like Bayern, Baca, R madrid, the scripting is very blatant, I changed team instruction tactics, formation etc.. to better my defence,but that DOES NOT work! If CPU wants to score a goal, it will... and there is...
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Hi Rebelinho, good thread You got BUFFON as your keeper, excellent, I also want BUFFON, but I already have 2 good goalkeepers, so not really that desperate to get him. De sciglio is possibly one of the best fullbacks in the game, impressive stats for him. keep up with the good work. good...
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    PES16...It's Good to be Back!

    Thanks a lot, Rebelinho. The information is very helpful.
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    PES16...It's Good to be Back!

    rebelinho Hi Rebelinho, I have some questions to ask you. 1, One of my youth players RB(Jacbson) has playing style: Offensive fullback, does this mean he will constantly push up the field and help attacking, so he will not drop back to defend at wings. Could you explain the meaning of...
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    Classic players?

    Hi there (I am on PS4) I only have 3 PS4 games: Until dawn, Bloodborne, PES 2016. None of them have game instruction manual in the plastic case, so there must be some ingame instructions in different games, for PES 16, you can use touch pad to get help (for PS4) and you can check the game...
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    Team spirit

    I recently signed 2 Youth team players whose tactical suitability is good for my tactics. One of them reduces 4 points of Team spirits when I placed him in the first lineup. So even youth players still decrease TS.
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    PES16...It's Good to be Back!

    Hi foo Yes, I noticed this too, CPU player developed much slower than your player and team role LV remains the same LV1. My player developed a bit too fast once they have red arrow flashing opportunity which is good but makes the game less balanced and less challenging, I hope CPU player will...
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    Dramatic improvement

    You are welcome, one of my CB Natali got red arrow flashing, his dribbling, pass, body balance are all up by 1 point, and his match rating is 6.0. I also want to know if the player's stats increase is related to his match rating,if it is, how much it will develop. Although I found it really hard...