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    [FANTASY] Samsung #GALAXY11

    I've opened this thread because everyone's talking about it so I though it would be nice to be able to get it on PS3. I think it would be nice if we all can give anything useful about the players that are not in the game (like Wu Lei stats and face) Here's my version of the kits: Badge Home...
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    [KITS] Kits by marcosjn

    Previous work: Arsenal 92-94 (Original is NOT mine, I just corrected some details and made socks) Arsenal 03-04 Arsenal 2005-06 Sleeve R L Short (Right) is an Arsenal badge, I have not put it here because they are everywhere Short L Socks...
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    [KIT] Wimbledon 1988 Home, Away, FA Cup Final and GK Kits (Third when I get info)

    As you may (or not) know, I requested this kits a few days ago. However I decided to gave them a try on my own. Tell me guys what you think and please tell me if you can get any info about the third shorts and socks. Cheers! LOGO: HOME Chest: Sleeves: Shorts: Left Right Socks: AWAY Chest...
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    [REQUEST] Kit Request

    Hello everyone, I've been a silent follower of this page, even before I was part of it. This is my first thread, and I would like to ask anyone out there if it is possible that someone could make the Wimbledon 87/88 kits (home, away and goalkeeper, if its possible the third one too). If you know...
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    Help saving images

    Hello, I have been editing in pes for many years but in pes 2014 I have the problem that every time that I try to save a new image the game overwrites me an exisisting one, even though I put save new data. Does anyone know why does it happen? How can I solve this problem?? Thanks!!
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    Hi, I just downloaded this Husher's png, which is absolutelly GREAT, but I can't find the right colour on my PS3, can u guys help me?