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  1. SySTeM_Id

    Exact size of DVD-Ripped WE7:Intl. with Japanese commentary?

    Hey there. I'm about to patch my WE7:Intl. and my DVD-Ripped size of my .bin file is about 751 MB. I'm thinkin' I probably messed up or sumthin' coz of that size and if I use a patch over it, it won't even fit on a blank CD-R. So is anything wrong? Is my .bin file wrong? Help out, thanks in...
  2. SySTeM_Id

    Ohh dude, WE7:I is DVD

    That means it'll be harder to patch, and considering I don't have a DVD-Burner to even patch it, bummer~~ I don't know what you guys think about the situation
  3. SySTeM_Id

    Know what the greasy-thing is?

    You guys familiar with the greasy thingie that's alwayz on players' uniforms? eg. Patrick Viera. I was alwayz like , "Dude, the hell's that sweat stuff on the jersey?!" Well, I realized that it's Vicks, that stuff that enables you to breathe more freely~ :p
  4. SySTeM_Id

    Rate This Movie: American History X

    Out of a score of 10, how much would you guys give? Me, I'd have to give a 9.5/10. A powerful, powerful movie! Edward Norton's best role in a movie :)
  5. SySTeM_Id

    Any patch that has the Adidas F-50 boots in it?

    I think the boots looks sa-weet, I'd like it if there was a patch with it in it. And, yeah, I also want all the regular stuff on the patch like all-kits. So if you guys know of any patch, please tell me. Thanks, arigato gozaimasu :)
  6. SySTeM_Id

    Difference between Adidas Gunmetal & Adidas Predator Mania?

    Is there a difference between the two besides the change in color?
  7. SySTeM_Id

    Wefriends + Dzajcic RIP-MIX Boots by G13

    So how do these boots look like? I mean what kind and what type of boots are they? The boots in the recent patches like WeChampions 2 and DimensionsMix v.1 don't really impress me that much and pretty much sucked. Please help! Thanks in advance :)
  8. SySTeM_Id

    Show me the door and I'll walk through it

    Haha, pardon the topic title, just needed to get your attention. :) So here's the situation, I wanna download the Dimensions v.1 patch. I went to lumongtung and there were 9 files of it. So download all 9 files? Then how do we patch all 9 together? Can't I just like combine it to one big .rar...
  9. SySTeM_Id

    Who's the mystery player?

    The Real Madrid president announced that he's looking forward to buying a new player to add to his superstar offensive, and describes the player he chooses to lure as 'the best player in the world' I'm thinking it's probably Rivaldo. Got out of AC Milan, had talks with Ronaldo who persuaded...
  10. SySTeM_Id

    Journey of patching

    Ok, so here's the deal. I've been hearing alot lately of guys patching Winning Eleven 7 and well, I've grwon interest too. I can't really stand playing it with Japanese (even though I can read pretty much most of it). So help me out here. To patch, do we needa blank CD so we can burn Winning...