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  1. Bravoboy

    Carling Cup 09/10

    As this particular competition served the Albion quite well last season, I thought I'd start the thread again. Obviously won't draw much attention from the majority on here until the 3rd round, but the 1st round is drawn tomorrow. I'll pop it in the first post. 1st Round Draw Accrington...
  2. Bravoboy

    Carling Cup 08/09

    CARLING CUP 08/09. 3rd Round Draw/Results; Arsenal 6-0 Sheff Utd Brighton v Derby Burnley 1-0 Fulham Portsmouth 0-4 Chelsea Blackburn 1-0 Everton Rotherham 3-1 Southampton Swansea 1-0 Cardiff Ipswich 1-4 Wigan Stoke 2-2 Reading (Stoke through on pens) Leeds 3-2 Hartlepool Watford 1-0 West Ham...
  3. Bravoboy

    England's first game at Wembley vs Brazil Good opportunity for us to get humiliated in our first game at "home".
  4. Bravoboy

    Footballers Who Should Play Together

    eg. Lennon - McCartney (Spurs - West Ham) Bignot - Small - Cox (Rushden - Sheff Wed - Brighton) :laugh: Shearer - Cort - Given - Bowyer - Butt Gatting - Gower (Brighton - Southend) Sweeney - Todd (Hartlepool - Accrington) Carr - Park (Newcastle - Man United) Help me think of some more.
  5. Bravoboy

    Carling Reading/Leeds Festival

    Anyone going? Bit shit. Ah well, still going - should be a laugh.
  6. Bravoboy

    Favourite Celebrations?

    One of these two, surely?
  7. Bravoboy

    The Jam Re-Unite, Without Weller Oxford Zodiac (May 2) Cambridge Junction (3) Middlesbrough Town Hall (5) Aberdeen Lemon Tree (6) Edinburgh Liquid Rooms (7) Nottingham Rescue Rooms (9) Stoke Sugarmill (10) Liverpool Academy 2 (11) Sheffield Leadmill (12) Preston 53 Degrees (13)...
  8. Bravoboy

    What are those Asians like? Yes, you did just witness that. If we tried that at the Withdean, our South Stand would collapse. :laugh: And that was just because they won a corner, imagine what they'd be like if they scored.
  9. Bravoboy

    Dowie Leaves Charlton

    :mellow: To be updated with more information when available. MUH! Nice one 50!..
  10. Bravoboy

    Steven Wright

    Ah, his stuff was just superb. I admire his quotes, and the way he delivers them. Any fans? "I once bought some...
  11. Bravoboy

    The Bluetones

    Any fans out there? Been around for a fairly long time, released some very strong albums, such as Return To The Last Chance Saloon and Science & Nature. They've just recently released a new self-titled album, which is well worth a listen. If you've not heard them, then they're an...
  12. Bravoboy

    Music: Guilty Pleasures

    Who do you put on at home when no-one's around, and have a listen to, hoping no-one else will find out? (Thought I guess this defeats the objective of that!). Saying that, most of the artists I'm embarassed about listening to are the ones that can bring back great holiday memories. For me...
  13. Bravoboy

    Coca Cola League One

    It was needed. For me, if not anyone else! Brighton get their League One season underway with a trip to Millmoor vs Rotherham tomorrow. We a few (not enough) new signings, and loaned out players to try and make a good impression, so let's hope they can! It's going to be different and difficult...
  14. Bravoboy

    Move On Up!

    Go on then, I'm a bit bored and tired. Who did the better version of the classic hit "Move On Up" - Curtis Mayfield, or The Jam?
  15. Bravoboy

    Four Favourite Genres Of Music - A Mix.

    With a tad bit of variety involved, I think I found my perfect 4 - suited to a party, a night in, or just to have on in the background. - Ska - Jazz - Indie - Hip-hop Closely followed by Electronica. Obviously it's a very bland question, so go into as much detail as you like.
  16. Bravoboy

    10ft Rugby Giants vs Under 7s! - Quite Entertaining!

    There's only one aspect of the game that keeps me partial to a bit of PES, and that is - yes you guessed it, Edit Mode. On a rainy day, there's nothing better than going into Edit Mode and messing around with all the appearances, in order to create a hilariously unnatural game of PES...
  17. Bravoboy

    Carling Reading/Leeds Festival 2006

    Well, I've got my weekend ticket - and I'm over the moon about it! The current line-up so far can be viewed here; The headliners aren't really to my liking, as I'm not to keen on Muse, or Pearl Jam (may go see Franz Ferdinand though...
  18. Bravoboy

    British album - convert an American.

    Ok, here's the situation. You're about to make a trip over to America to visit your cousin, he's at a similar age to you - but unfortunately has grown up listening to all the naff American punk/pop papp that's around at the moment. I know here at Insight, we're all proud the music what our...
  19. Bravoboy

    Mystery Jets - Making Dens

    Anyone else got the album? I bought it yesterday, expecting it to be great, then being dissapointed after the first listen. But after a few more listens, I now love it! So many catchy songs. Favourite off the album; Purple Prose Can't Fool Me Dennis Horse Drawn Cart Boy Who Ran Away...
  20. Bravoboy

    Rabona Fake!

    Guys, you have to check this out. I was just messing around training mode yesterday, trying to do a neat rabona with Recoba. Then this happened:- Rabona fake! (RapidShare) Rabona Fake! (Softlab) Notice how he goes to pull off the rabona, then brings his leg back round for a normal...