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  1. mestre dinho

    Santos - The new champions in Brasil

    Santos snapped out the Brasileirão for the 2nd time in their history yesterday when they beat Vasco da Gama 2-1 in a game which the main atraction was Robinhos return after the recents evetns regarding his mother.... Yesterday was the last game of the season .....12 games were being played...
  2. mestre dinho

    what was the most disapointing team in 2004?

    what was the most disapointing team in 2004?
  3. mestre dinho

    pes4 cool moves!!

    hey every body, this thread is dedicated to all the people who fancie soccer as an art and not as a sport which the main objective is to win games making it a dull and not entertaing sport.... as you guys know , it is told that pes4 has some new moves......... and it is also said that...
  4. mestre dinho

    wassup everybody!!!!

    hey my name´s diño and i´ve been playin pro evu soccer since 1999.....i started playing iss pro was a great expirience and i was lucky to discover such a great soccer game..... the story is like this: a guy lent me his iss pro and i started playin it it ..first of all i noticed...