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  1. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    RE: Calderon resigns... It's about time damnit. Other than wasting loads of money and one 'convincing' season, this guy has brought nothing but displeasure to us fans. Who's running for president, I heard Floro Perez is eyeing the empty seat again. But is there any good presidents at all...
  2. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    What's up with Ramos and his fetish for EPL players as if he's been coaching in England for the past 15 years.
  3. fattyronaldo

    FC Barcelona

    I say much more than 10 :happy:
  4. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    ^ IMO Raul would have done better than Torres, who IMO wasn't fantastic during the Euros. Either that, or he would have asserted his influence in the dressing room and Spain would have lost. Captain of Spain has done us proud! Hala Casillas
  5. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    Am I the only one that's sick of all this C.Ronaldo bullshite? I've never been a big fan of Cristiano and that's not gonna change, without any doubt in his ability of course. Who knows the impact he might make if he came, and who knows how he might just screw us up as well. Big names have come...
  6. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    C.Ronaldo's ego will burst the already inflated dressing room of ours. I'd rather see a Robinho-Robben partnership more than a Cristiano-show anyday. Are we prepared to win the champion's league for the tenth time?
  7. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    And we have a 5 point lead again :happy: Watch out Roma, Robinho is back.
  8. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    I smell a repeat of 02/03, where we lost everything from exhaustion and injury. Oh my god. Just a month ago we had a mammoth nine points lead in the table. And now we look like material that will finish 3rd or 4th. Are we going down my fellow madridstas? And why in heavens are we not making...
  9. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    Whatever happened to Higuain? I haven't seen the dashing young lad for some time now.
  10. fattyronaldo


    Cristiano Ronaldo > THE Ronaldo? The boy's a talent but...
  11. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    Merry Christmas to us. Messi is out for El Classico! But Samuel Eto'o is back to haunt us.
  12. fattyronaldo

    Ronaldo set to leave AC Milan in June The saddest news of 2007. The premature end of Ronaldo's career. I wish that he could have at least ended his career in a more deserving manner.
  13. fattyronaldo

    The Best Striker in La Liga?

    You may want to add that he's a god that can do no wrong and the best player who ever lived as well? :rolleyes: *Edit* And back to the topic, it's Vanistelrooy, easily.
  14. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    I cannot believe my eyes. Raul is leading the goal charts. Big teams may want to invest in an oxygen chamber now.
  15. fattyronaldo

    Anybody see the Robinho assist to Elano Brazil v Ecuador??

    I've seen Ronaldo do that before, at the same spot on the field. Robinho hasn't really came alive for Madrid yet, Schuster seems to be holding him back.
  16. fattyronaldo

    Greatest International Tournament Performances...

    Baggio-94, Ronaldo-98, Ronaldo-02, No one-06 IMO, but I'd say Zidane
  17. fattyronaldo

    FIFA 2007 World Player Of The Year Award

    Politically driven as usual.
  18. fattyronaldo

    Diego Armando Maradona

    Maradona wasn't getting rainbows and butterflies from defenders either. Like Pele he was kicked the shit out of too, and was given painkillers and steroids to play even though he was injured. Flawed he is, but still the best ever.
  19. fattyronaldo

    Real Madrid

    Schuster opted to start Drenthe in midfield beside Gago. What was he thinking? Saviola should have started and Raul rested.
  20. fattyronaldo

    Greatest Vision

    Zidane. Never wastes a pass.