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    [OF] PES 2019 UEFA Classic League (90's-00's) - PS4

    Is there any chance to get some more classic teams as olympic lyonais,tottenham,fiorentina or sevilla no critic , only a quetion.....that is really great work claudio ronarid!!!!!!!!
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    [FACES] Faces by Ratmundo

    Dear Ratmundo, this are so great made my Day ! I'm looking forward to another classic-moments by "the legend" CU Fabio
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    Shame on them :realmad::realmad::realmad: Everybody in this thread knows your fantastic work ....How can we help you? What about a petition or something similar? Walk on Ratmundo ! Never give up! Fabio ( Sad Supporter of switzerland - Now supporting England for WC)
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    Dear Ratmundo I've only two words for you : AMAZING WORK Thank you Fabio
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    Dear Mr. Ratmundo, the new teams are looking magnifique . Merci for all your work you are making for the community Fabio
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    Will you relaese this great option-file also for PES 2018? It's more than brilliant, it's legendary:D Thank you Mister Ratmundo Sir
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    Great News Ratmundo, i just answered your PM Thank you:) Fabio
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    This project sounds so great ! I would like to play with this legends ! Respect Ratmundo for all this work !
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    [TEAMS] Classic Club sides PS4

    Fantastic File ! Does the project still continue? Is there perhaps a link for "all-in-one"? Respect for this idea and all this work guys!