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  1. Figо10


    Shades of Robben seasons back with Malouda's showing last night. 7-1 Aston Villa and 7-2 Sunderland both without Drogba, coincidence?
  2. Figо10

    The Premier League 2009/10 Thread

    Surely Nzonzi should've been sent off for the shove on Lucas? And Chimbonda a yellow at least for the kick out on Maxi. Liverpool would've benefited a couple of times too had the ref played the advantage.
  3. Figо10

    The Premier League 2009/10 Thread

    Anyone knows why three of the following weekend's matches have been postponed? City-Spurs Villa-Sunderland Fulham-Stoke
  4. Figо10


    Six yellows for Liverpool players, not one of them a defender :ohmy:
  5. Figо10

    Cross Power/Shot Power

    I assume you're left-footed? I'm no professional myself, but wrapping your foot around the ball when curling it towards goal, while still catching most of it in the centre using somewhere between the side and top of the foot, will probably help. It also helps to be facing at most 60 degrees...
  6. Figо10

    Real Madrid

    Sounds like a David Silva in the making :happy:
  7. Figо10

    Real Madrid

    I don't frequent the Real Madrid thread anymore, but this is well worth a laugh and a post in here. Source Dunno what to make of it really, especially the second last paragraph :laugh:
  8. Figо10


    Any idea which is the last league game Drogba and the likes will play before heading off to Africa?
  9. Figо10

    Van Persie Injury: Should the Dutch FA Compensate Arsenal?
  10. Figо10

    Real Madrid

    Albiol for £12m, good deal I'll say seeing as he can play as defensive mid too. We still need a left-back, not that there's been much reported on this area but I've read of a £18m offer for Gael Clichy. Hopefully we can sell off Heinze and Ruud to Spurs. Saviola and Drenthe too. Surprised...
  11. Figо10

  12. Figо10


  13. Figо10

    Best Header Ever

    Joao Pinto vs England Euro 2000.
  14. Figо10

    Real Madrid
  15. Figо10


    Pity for Hiddink and the Chelsea players, few minutes from a chance at revenge against United, and a lapse in concentration is punished by Barca's first shot on target. Great team performance up till that point. Referee was awful, would've been better if Chelsea got a penalty and Abidal not get...
  16. Figо10

    FC Barcelona

    Absolutely deserved by Barca, kept going without Puyol and Henry and even with ten men and finally getting the breakthrough with a gem of a goal. Just the performance of champions. Shame about Abidal and Alves but hopefully it'll be a great matchup against United and a victory for attacking...
  17. Figо10

    Champions League 08/09

    Awesome finale. Pick that out from Iniesta. Essien - shades of Zidane in 2002 :D
  18. Figо10

    Manchester United

    Entertaining game, great attacking play by both sides, just the thing we needed after Chelsea's performance at Barcelona. Ronaldo, awesome dipping shot and should've gotten a free kick late in the game. Evra handled Walcott well. Decent game from Tevez, just needa get Anderson outta there. Van...
  19. Figо10

    *~La Liga Thread~* 2004/05 - 2009/10

    I don't like the idea of them counterattacking against Metzelder, but he'll have gained a world of confidence with his last performance. Hope he doesnt get injured though otherwise next choice will probably be Heinze. At the other end of the pitch, it'll be hard for Marcelo to exploit the gap...
  20. Figо10

    *~La Liga Thread~* 2004/05 - 2009/10

    Still it'll be nice if we had Ruud, Diarra, Sneijder, Pepe and Robben. Metzelder handled Kanoute well in the air, but Pepe's much more mobile and would be better suited against the Barca strikers. Let's see how they turn out against Chelsea.