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  1. fluke88


    There's a suprise Barry. :lol: @ Robben for bein a show off.
  2. fluke88


    Yep, if Gerrard does go i think it will be to some club abroad. Made up Rafa has gone i said from the start we would never win the Prem under him and was right. The Hodgeson rumour's are startin to gather pace and i wouldn't mind him one bit think he's a cracking manager. Am sure i read that...
  3. fluke88

    What's your favourite Disney Pixar picture?

    Car's because i watch it every single day with my little lad. As you can guess he likes it, alot!!
  4. fluke88

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Ian Longo - One Life Stand.
  5. fluke88


    If Rafa does let Benayoun go then he is a bigger nob than i thought he was!. Benayoun was our only and biggest attacking threat last season so to let him go would be pointless, as it seem's that we haven't got the money to replace him with anyone decent. So if he does go to you'se then i will...
  6. fluke88


    If only all the players playing for England played like they do for their league club's eh?...thing's would look so much different.
  7. fluke88

    The NPower Championship Thread

    It seems that thing's anit looking very good for CP. I hope the fans buy the club though as it will be such a shame to have to see them go out of business having stayed up in such a drastic way on the last day.
  8. fluke88

    The "What Movie Did You Last Watch" Thread

    17 Again - Kinda gay bit i was bored shitless. The wife in it the woman off Big Daddy is a hottie. The Hangover - Funny film had me in stiches. And i plan to watch From Paris With Love, tonight.
  9. fluke88

    What song are you currently listening to?

    Plan B - She Said.
  10. fluke88

    Postal Strikes . . . .from 15th october onwards!

    What were you saying nobhead? Don't make me come to you and put you in a early grave. The postal strike for once shan't be a problem for me as like the past 2 years am going to be at the Asda near mine at 12pm on the night to pick up my copy. Added discount from a friend who work's there has...
  11. fluke88

    Digital Cameras

    Recently noticed that Curry's have been knocking a fair few quid off some of the camara's they have in their range. Worth a look i guess.
  12. fluke88

    Who would you like to get rid of from your squad next season?

    Dudek: He is off anyway but thought i best had just put him down. Mr Istanbul that man is. Pandelli: Or whatever his name is. Now i know he has only played one game but for fuck sake he played as if he was a striker. Get rid. Bring Carson back and let him have a good old tussle with Pepe for...
  13. fluke88

    Electronic Problem Thread

    Okay, so i keep on getting these shitty little gay arse pop up's on my screen anyone know of anything that i can use to combat against this piece of shite? Any help would be appriciated.
  14. fluke88


    He'd walk straight into Newcastles first 11. But then again who wouldn't.
  15. fluke88

    Bye Bye Glenn/Hello Big Sam

    Yes, yes you do. Wanna ramsack Bramble tonight at his house? You and me baby all the way. Dump him in the Welsh mountains? Stuffed inside a huge condom.
  16. fluke88

    City To Sanction Barton Sale

    Yar mate i thought it was his price tag that stopped him staying at Pompy. But at the rate he is going if he carrys on like the way he is 12 mil could be a bloody bargain taking into consideration his age and he's already a full blooded international. And it's not like you see a player of his...
  17. fluke88

    City To Sanction Barton Sale

    Could see him ending up at Sunderland with Keano. A fresh new start and a real challenge. Maybe keano could do something with him what other managers couldn't and tame the twat. What ya rekin of him coming to you guy's DM? Blue, i read that the price on Fernandez's head is 12mil surely you...
  18. fluke88

    Bye Bye Glenn/Hello Big Sam

    What ya rekin of Anelka off to the Toon with Big Sam eh Jonny boy?
  19. fluke88

    Congratulations Manchester United

    Meh, well done i guess. We won it.......