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  1. Top Gun


    Is it just me or do 8 out of 10 go in from 20-25 yards? Such an unrealistic aspect to the game, needs to be sorted.
  2. Top Gun

    Copa America 2011

    Decent first game, so wanted Bolivia to hold on though. Hilarious near post defending for the Bolivia goal and a quality equaliser from Aguero. Argentina didn't look very good, not much improvement from the World Cup. All games are available to watch on the Paddy Power website.
  3. Top Gun

    Alan Pardew on MOTD2 :lol: :lol: I expect there might be a big uproar from the media. Still couldn't believe it when I heard it.
  4. Top Gun

    The Player of the Decade

    Pretty simple really. Although I'm talking about players who have been consistently good for a large part of the decade. I think Henry has been at an extremely high level for the whole decade apart from maybe one season (but he still put up good numbers), so he would get my vote. Guys who...
  5. Top Gun


    Ok, I'm not sure if this is just me but... Are these guys the most overated band of all time? I've given their last 2 albums every chance to impress me but I just haven't enjoyed them in the slightest. I could usually accept this but they seem to be winning a load of awards and are literally...
  6. Top Gun

    The Expendables This looks like it could be epic. Say what you like about Stallone but Rambo 4 was one of the best pure action films I've seen in ages. Hopefully this will have the same sort of view on action sequences and with a cast of Stallone, Statham, Rourke, Jet...
  7. Top Gun

    Funny Online Multiplayer Conversations

    Inspired by some guy on COD4 earlier. He joined the game (Pipeline I think it was) and he was saying that he'd only just got the game. He then ran off by himself so we just ignored him, but about 2 minutes later he asks us "why is there a tree walking towards me" and started screaming when he...
  8. Top Gun

    UEFA European Player Of The Year

    Nominations are in, Not sure how Almunia, Carragher and Reina got on the list and to an extent Drogba, Rooney and Gerrard. Carvalho? Adebayor? Casillas?
  9. Top Gun

    Top Gun 2? I'm not a fan of giving sequels to old classics, e.g, Rambo, Rocky, Indy, but when you're talking about such a good film I can't help but be excited, as I'm sure everyone else is. Another volleyball scene is vital!
  10. Top Gun

    BBC Goal of the Season

    Goal 1. Charles N'Zogbia Middlesbrough v NEWCASTLE (26 August) Goal 2. Emmanuel Adebayor (second goal) Tottenham v ARSENAL (15 September) Goal 3. Carlos Tevez (first goal) MAN UTD v Middlesbrough (27 October) Goal 4. Luke Young MIDDLESBROUGH v Tottenham (3 November) Goal...
  11. Top Gun

    Czech Republic v Scotland

    It's on BBCi today at 4.30pm. Thought I would let you know as most people wouldn't of even heard about it as I've only just found out myself, could be good to see the Scots get mauled.
  12. Top Gun

    Why England Should Of Won Euro 2008...

    Oh dear God. :laugh: The parts in bold I found extremely hilarious.
  13. Top Gun

    Metal Gear Solid Film? Would love to see a MGS film if it's done properly. I thought Equilibrium was excellent, especially the action sequences so it would be interesting to see what he could do with MGS. Christian Bale will be touted as being Solid Snake...
  14. Top Gun

    Oscars 2008

    The nominations are coming out at 1.30pm, GMT. Expect them to be packed mainly with No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Best Film Juno Michael Clayton There Will Be Blood No Country For Old Men Atonement Performance by an actor in a leading role George Clooney in “Michael Clayton”...
  15. Top Gun

    Christian Bale to star in fourth 'Terminator' movie I was never really interested in a fourth film because the third was bad enough, but this is the right way of going about things. I'm pretty convinced that if Bale is in it, the film will be...
  16. Top Gun

    Classic films from the 00's...

    What films do you think get to be called classic films from the 00's? If any. It's heading towards the end of the decade and compared to others it's been pretty poor when it comes to truly great films. I think the films I would put in this category would be, Gladiator, The Pianist, The Lord...
  17. Top Gun

    FA to tackle players' behaviour

    Great idea, in Rugby matches if the referee gets any abuse then the player goes straight into the sin-bin. If this was introduced and a referee had the balls to send someone like Wayne Rooney off, then the abuse they get would quickly drop.
  18. Top Gun

    How do you rate the MLS?

    I have seen an argument kicking off in the Craig Gordon thread and just wondered what people think the MLS is on par with, in terms of leagues. Personally I think that most teams would be up to Championship teams standard, probably mid-table with a few struggling. There was a player a few...
  19. Top Gun

    Bungs Probe Released Just watching Sky Sports News now and they have one of the agents named who is not happy at all.
  20. Top Gun

    EU National Anthem?

    I saw on Sky Sports News today that the EU want to have their national anthem played at the start of every International European game. They want to do this to try and unite all of the European countries. I think it is a bit of a joke as there are plenty of countries which don't want to be...