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  1. MikeyM24

    In game editing options exactly the same.

    Just watched a youtube walkthrough of PES18's kit creator - looks like exactly the same kit options, names and number fonts. Disappointing.
  2. MikeyM24

    The "In game" Number font thread.

    When we edit or create teams in the game on console, no matter how brilliant the kits and option files are, we're always at the mercy of the limited selection of number fonts in the edit mode. To that end, I thought it'd be useful to have a place to post combinations you've used that you...
  3. MikeyM24

    PES 2018 - Ideas / Suggestions thread.

    PES 2021 - Edit Mode Ideas / Suggestions thread. Thought it might be useful to collate some sort of list of ideas and suggestions to improve edit mode given as I'm sure at this moment there is a small team beavering away on early code for PES2021 Player Editing: 1: Allow base copy of hair and...
  4. MikeyM24

    PES 16: Edit mode discussion.

    Thought it was intriguing that they said "image import" would be back for PS4 but no mention of any other features. Does this mean that Xbox One is going to be stuck with edit mode as PES15, or that we're going to at least see the "logo editor" and the "sponsor edit" features return from the...
  5. MikeyM24

    MikeM's Manchester United faces.

    Just to let you know, I have a Tyler Blackett and Jesse Lingard which I will be posting soon. More pleased with Lingard than Blackett at the moment. I don't make many faces so I won't be taking requests, but I thought I might as well see what you all think of my "ability". Actually I'm not at...
  6. MikeyM24

    Any details on PES15 for X360/PS3?

    I know Konami have confirmed versions on the Gen 3 consoles, but has there been any information in terms of improvements and any new features? A lot of people such as myself do not have (and may not have) a PS4 XB1 by the time of release - so we will be interested to know. Not least if it's...
  7. MikeyM24

    Please reinstate functions from PES13

    Main annoyances with the PES14 edit mode (aside from it being really slow - like most of the menus) are the removal of the following. 1: Ability to "base copy" existing players as well as created ones. 2: "Colour create" option where you could start with the palette colours as a base (it's...
  8. MikeyM24

    MikeyM's first ever face builds - Anderson and Januzaj.

    Mike M's Manchester United faces. Lingard picture up. Please go easy, these are my very first face builds :D As such I won't be taking any requests and most likely it will be limited to Man Utd faces (although I might do Dimitar Berbatov) 7OY has very kindly offered to post pictures up (I'm...
  9. MikeyM24

    The atmosphere and presentation is spot on.

    Thought it'd be nice to praise Konami for something. The reaction from the crowd, and the introduction scenes in this are insane. Scored a goal in the San Siro (Milan derby) as Milan and the roar nearly blew the speakers!! I've never played a game with crowd reaction and "life" like this...
  10. MikeyM24

    The Konami 2014 "Face request" thread.

    I believe Konami said they would take suggestions on the communities' preffered face requests. Couldn't see a thread to submit them, so here it is. 1: Rafael (Man Utd) 2: Adnan Januzaj (Man Utd) NIG yet. 3: Anderson (Man Utd) 4: Ricky Lambert (Southampton & England)
  11. MikeyM24

    Man Utd crowd mosaic not working.

    I have it on X360 (prior to update) The crowd mosaic is not working when I play as United at home at Old Trafford. I have just played a derby with City (Man Blue) and when the teams emerged, the away fans were holding up blue cards, but the rest of the stadium wasn't holding any. Is this...
  12. MikeyM24

    Request for more generic stadia via DLC.

    Would it be possible to port some of the previous generic stadia from PES 10-13 to 14 via future DLC? Specifically; Rose Park Stadio Amazonias Estadio Palenque And the others, like the Olympic style oval etc.
  13. MikeyM24

    Camera options - Question

    Just having seen the PES12 demo, I was dissapointed to see that the closer in sideline camera (a bit like FIFA's dynamic) is missing, forcing me to play the game far too far out. Are the camera options in the demo the same as the full game, or does the retail version have more options...
  14. MikeyM24

    Club rivalry, how to implement and convey it in PES.

    I was creating an entirely fictional league over the PES divisions, when a thought occured to me that when creating / editing teams - it would be great if we could assign rivals to each club. The idea has been implimented in wrestling games in the past, where you can place rivals to a...
  15. MikeyM24

    Off pitch activity.

    I've seen from videos that PES12 has a lot more animations pitchside during games, from stewards milling about in front of the crowd, to cameramen panning to follow the action and managers in the technical area. But has anyone seen/heard anything about animation of the subs, either on the...
  16. MikeyM24

    Special options and attributes for Keepers.

    Basically I was editing Man United's goalkeepers and I was a little dissapointed to see that the ,majority of the attribute parameters are the same as outfield players. Also seeing as several keepers have an individual style, it would be nice to have an option to reflect that (as with...
  17. MikeyM24

    MikeyM says hi.

    Hello fellow football fans. While this is my inaugural post on these boards, I have been an active member of evo-web, soccergaming and several other message boards for almost 10 years off and on. My name is Mike (obviously) I'm 27 years old and reside in southern England with my wife (we've...