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  1. Top Gun

    Manchester United

    With Carrick, Schweinsteiger, Herrera and Schneiderlein we now have the ability to control games. Just need to find the balance in attack. Thought we played well and deserved the win.
  2. Top Gun

    Manchester United

    Replace Schweinsteiger with Carrick and that's my team. Herrera pushed on more though.
  3. Top Gun

    Manchester United

    Thought Schweinsteiger looked good in his little cameo too, the spell just after he came on was our best spell of possession and he was really positive in his passing.
  4. Top Gun

    Manchester United

    Darmian was the most impressive debutant for me, looked really solid. Schneiderlin was solid but was sloppy on the ball occasionally. Depay looked good in flashes but not consistently.
  5. Top Gun

    Fallout 4 [PC/PS4/One]

    Can't wait.
  6. Top Gun

    WrestleMania 31

    Agreed, this and the ladder match were pretty good. Some great spots in the Intercontinental match, and every wrestler in the match had strong moments. And I was so relieved Rollins cashed in and won. He's ready for this and Reigns just isn't yet.
  7. Top Gun

    The "What Movie Did You Last Watch" Thread

    I really liked GOTG. Better than the Captain America and Iron Man films imo.
  8. Top Gun

    Manchester United

    Last two games have been our best for about 18 months or so. Van Gaal can feel justified with his tactics now, and he's got it spot on in pretty much all the big league games this year. Just got to keep performing to ensure that top 4 place and then look for a title push next season.
  9. Top Gun

    The Walking Dead

    I want a Rick rampage. Seriously though I can see a split in the group happening, can see Daryl and Rick butting heads.
  10. Top Gun

    WrestleMania 31

    The lack of build up for those top matches is shocking. The fact that Lesnar and Reigns have been on screen the most together shows what a poor job has been done building this event.
  11. Top Gun

    Stealing penalties

    Henderson needs to stop trying so hard to be Gerrard, it's embarrassing. Balo should've taken it, end of story.
  12. Top Gun

    What are you currently playing?

    Skyrim. Again. Been a while but still so epic.
  13. Top Gun

    Games You've Bought Day One

    Lately would be GTA V, Fifa series, NBA 2k series and Skyrim.
  14. Top Gun

    What are you currently playing?

    NBA 2k15, my player mode.
  15. Top Gun

    The "Right to Go Down"

    You should do your utmost to stay on your feet at all times.
  16. Top Gun

    NBA Thread

    He will struggle as people will actually pay attention to him from now on. But that should be good for the rest of the team, Miami haven't had an inside presence for years.
  17. Top Gun

    Your Current World XI

    Actually surprised you don't have any Arsenal players.
  18. Top Gun

    Manchester United

    No way we would sell De Gea for Valdez to be No.1. We would try replace him with Lloris from what I've heard.
  19. Top Gun

    NFL Thread

    Panthers defence is wild.
  20. Top Gun

    Manchester United

    Definitely. Shame Falcao had to go off as he was playing much better than RVP but guess LVG is still being careful with him.