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  1. fattyronaldo

    Ronaldo set to leave AC Milan in June The saddest news of 2007. The premature end of Ronaldo's career. I wish that he could have at least ended his career in a more deserving manner.
  2. fattyronaldo

    England missing someone?

    Article from I'm no Beckham fan, but I sort of agree that he was unjustfully dropped. To me he was the reason you guys made it to the quarters in Germany. I don't see Lampard being made scapegoat. :mellow:
  3. fattyronaldo

    The Great British Tragedy Commentator: Try and stop this guy for god sakes, just stop him please! :laugh:
  4. fattyronaldo

    'Philosophical' quotes of WC 06

    Watching Brazil-France yesterday the commentator said, "the player must put the ball into the back of the net if he wants to score a goal." ...Yes indeed. Doesn't take a genius to know that, but not the worst I've heard. Anyone else got these kinda quotes to share? from WC 06
  5. fattyronaldo

    Luis Aragones is a genius!!!

    It may be too early to say, but this is the team most likely to be brought to Germany. Leaving out Guti who's form has been good and consistent this season. This may be bias coming from a Real Madrid fan, but I think Guti deserves to go to Germany. And if that's not bad enough, he left out De La...
  6. fattyronaldo

    Jet Li's last kungfu movie, fearless.

    Has anyone watched it? Or has it been released wherever you're from? personally i think it's a great movie as it's based on real events and someone who actually existed.
  7. fattyronaldo

    what if ronaldo never got that serious injury...

    what if the phenomenon never got that knee injury in 1999. how good will he be today? what if he never suffered that fits in 1998, would his brazil have won zidane's france? i think he would be the best player of his generation, and of the 90s right up till today. i believe he would be far...
  8. fattyronaldo

    regarding master league training.

    hi. i've been doing some research on the development of players in the master league. i was wondering what is done in the match by players, win or lose, or score goals, does it affect the development points? i did a quick one by winning and losing one match, and it seems that win or lose, the...