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  1. Definitely Maybe

    Sign this Cheers
  2. Definitely Maybe

    Mourinho leaves Chelsea

    Nee link but it's on SSN Crikey :shocking:
  3. Definitely Maybe

    RIP Ian Porterfield

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  4. Definitely Maybe

    The Adventures of Paul Robinson and his Amazing Invisible Horse :laugh:
  5. Definitely Maybe

    Craig Gordon

    :cool: That is all
  6. Definitely Maybe

    Jamie Carragher on TalkSport Have to say I really like Carragher. Class hearing Adrian "Cunt" Durham squirm.
  7. Definitely Maybe

    Sky / Setanta games next season

    Setanta AUGUST Saturday, August 11th @ 5.15pm – Aston Villa v Liverpool Saturday, August 18th @ 5.15pm – Newcastle United v Aston Villa Saturday, August 25th @ 5.15pm – Everton v Blackburn Rovers Sunday, August 26th @ 1.30pm – Middlesbrough v Newcastle United SEPTEMBER Saturday, September 1st...
  8. Definitely Maybe

    Those loveable Scousers
  9. Definitely Maybe

    In light of recent events

    Can we give Rafa a month long ban? ;) (Congrats like)
  10. Definitely Maybe

    Marcel Desaily to sign for Boro

    "Having played for AC Milan and Chelsea, I can't help hoping for a Champions League final between my former clubs." "I expect my wish to be fulfilled." "If Manchester United were an Italian team, their task would be quite simple. They have the lead and they just need to thwart Kaka and...
  11. Definitely Maybe

    Buy the shirt, live the dream,,10278~1010442,00.html :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  12. Definitely Maybe

    Chelsea and Blackburn can't sell their tickets Neither have a particularly big fan base, but that's disgraceful imo.
  13. Definitely Maybe

    David Pleat's commentary widsom, part 243498548

    "Ronaldo, compares with George Best. The incomparable George Best." Reeto Dave :unsure:
  14. Definitely Maybe

    Niall Quinn is God

    Not sure if it's made the press yet, but it will do. Yesterday we played Cardiff away. We, like a lot of other people, flew down to Bristol and got the train over, and were scheduled back on the 9:25pm flight from Bristol to Newcastle last night after the match. As we were waiting at the...
  15. Definitely Maybe

    It's half time in Tel Aviv . . . .

    And I'm not sure I can take any more. :no: Thought I'd stop in for a change, save some dosh, watch the match in the house and that. I'll not be watching England sober again anytime soon. So lopsided it's unreal. Jamie Carragher most creative player. :huh: Let's hope Israel do us a...
  16. Definitely Maybe

    BBC Sport Website

    That is real anarl, not photoshopped :laugh:
  17. Definitely Maybe

    Stephen Bywater quote

    "I believe I am the best goalkeeper in the country and I just need the opportunity to prove it" :huh: I'm in shock He's not even the best in the Championship. In fact he's not even the best at Derby. :shocking: You can tell he's played for West Ham and plays for Billy Davies, the deluded cunt.
  18. Definitely Maybe

    Commentary cliches and stereotypes

    Just for a break from the England farce :huh: West Ham fans love attacking football. Like other clubs don't. Never write off the Germans. Spain are the dark horses in every tournament. Newcastle fans would rather win the FA Cup than the Premiership Add yer own. ;)
  19. Definitely Maybe

    Lampard / Barton

    Me mates just sent is this: Lampard is being a right tit about Barton being in the squad, won’t talk to him, pass to him, all that stuff, and just got up to move to another table at breakfast when Barton sat at the same one. Apparently as soon as he stood up and moved, Barton called after him...
  20. Definitely Maybe

    Stella will be happy

    I hope its nothing too trivial :)