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  1. skcela2

    [FACES] Boru100 Face Builds

    Great Januzaj
  2. skcela2

    [TRANSFERS] January 2014 Transfer Window Updates

    Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian League) Pedro Botelho - from Atlético Paranaense to Atlético Mineiro Carlos César - from Atlético Mineiro to Atlético Paranaense
  3. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by Ketmo

    Really great Geromel!!
  4. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by Ketmo

    Hi, Ketmo, could you try Dario Conca he´s in game at Guangzhou Evergrande, but he´s already player from Fluminense, he´s the guy on my avatar. Thanks so much in advance, buddy!!!
  5. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by Ketmo

    Thanks so much for M´bami it´s really GREAT!! thanks and congrats!!
  6. skcela2

    [EXPORTS] Blus 31322SA

    Grande trabalho Paulo, parabéns!!! Great work Paulo, congrats!!
  7. skcela2

    [LEAGUE] The Ukrainian Premier League Creation Thread – Season 2013/2014

    Great to see this thread back!! thanks and congrats, Gui!!
  8. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by Ketmo

    could you please add to your list, Modeste M´Bami (Al Ittihad) ?
  9. skcela2

    [FACES] SuperGarcia's Facebuilds

    Great Rivaldo!!
  10. skcela2

    [FACES] by sticker

    Thanks so much for Elton, he´s just...PERFECT!!! congrats!!!
  11. skcela2

    [LEAGUE]The Russian Premier League Creation Thread

    I say the same that Number99 said.
  12. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by wingen pes 2014

    Really GREAT faces!!
  13. skcela2

    [CHANTS] Chants for players by Santiagoco

    Great thread, congrats!!
  14. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by Jayzone

    I thank you!!
  15. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by Jayzone

    Really great faces. Could you try Nyatanga from Barnsley?!
  16. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by wingen pes 2014

    Wilshere is PERFECT!!
  17. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by "juampy_050"

    Great Romário!! you could try Sorín!!!
  18. skcela2

    [FACES] Faces by Ronystan

    Great Neto, congrats!!
  19. skcela2

    [FACES] SuperGarcia's Facebuilds

    Man, what can I say?! I´m speechless!! Mitea is just...FANTASTIC!! Thank you very, very much!!