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  1. Itachi-san

    Sup Y'all!

    Whoa! :w00t this place has changed. Just wanna drop by and say hello to my fellow peeps. Shout out to all the admins, FL members, and all you folks that actually remember me.:erm:
  2. Itachi-san

    lol im a little cheater

    LOL, thats class. You got to teach me that :laugh:
  3. Itachi-san


    welcome theruler :) i hope your MLS project will be successful.
  4. Itachi-san

    overhead kick

    nice stuff anjabro. probably the most realistic over-head volley ever. shame it didn't find the back of the net.:(
  5. Itachi-san

    Ronaldinho vs Real Madrid !

    its not a bicycle kick, but rather, a scissor kick :tongue:
  6. Itachi-san

    Ronaldinho vs Real Madrid !

    nicely done! just hope Ronnie can pull that off on April second at the Nou Camp ;)
  7. Itachi-san

    WE9:i U.S. Release Date and Videos

    hmm...i thought is was cancelled. i guess the peeps at Konami received to many angry letters. the US WE9i cover looks pretty sweet. it would have been more cool if it was henry, since John Terry isn't a big name known in the US.
  8. Itachi-san

    Hello world

    Welcome buddy :) I thought Ibrahimovic was Swedish.
  9. Itachi-san


    welcome :D
  10. Itachi-san

    Best DMFs

    Mathieu plays for Garrone I think. Not sure though. I must agree VivaCastro. Mascherano is excellent. I bought him at 19 yr and hes now 24 with abilities in the 90s He's stamina is superb. Oh, and did you know he is a long range shooter ;). He can knock one in from way out, when he...
  11. Itachi-san


    salutation friend. yes...PES is brilliant :cool:
  12. Itachi-san

    Right/Wrong Decision

    Yes, I understand. I guess you've grown too old of this generation's football. Next gen football will be best for you, I hope. :)
  13. Itachi-san

    Right/Wrong Decision

    Did you ever try online play?:rolleyes:
  14. Itachi-san

    Right/Wrong Decision

    Wrong decision mate. PES5 could have rock your world if only you played it more. Pity you didn't have the skills or patience to have fun. :(
  15. Itachi-san

    regulating condition handy tip....

    nice little tip floorII. that is a handy trick :cool:
  16. Itachi-san

    Hello from L.A.

    welcome buddy. PES5 will come to our shores in early spring 2006, but the name will be as always, World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 International. :cool:
  17. Itachi-san

    PESInsight Version 7 - What do you want?

    i am registered to a few different forums. they have this little "reputation" thing/icon. i think we should have something like that.
  18. Itachi-san

    An American

    welcome buddy, i'm a fellow american too. to answer you question regarding PES5, yes. if you buy PES5, you'll be able to play online but you must have your PS2 modified to be able to play import games. i can't wait for WE9i (US). we'll be able to play online.
  19. Itachi-san

    My First Goal in PES5 With Lampard

    what type of file is that?? after i unrar it, i don't know how to play the file.
  20. Itachi-san

    WE9 vs. PES5

    I voted for WE9 because there are alot of patches out for it and they are fantastic.