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  1. fick

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    Got my pre-order for The Division, roll on 8th March... Also just downloaded & installed Madden 16, it's on EA Access for free download.
  2. fick

    What are you currently playing?

    While the story part of the demo was short it has promise, bound to be some grinding, but if they have more buildings to search and rewards for doing so, then it could be worth it. Despite some frustration in the PvP area I do think it's a good and often amusing addition, plus it certainly...
  3. fick

    What are you currently playing?

    Just seen that The Division beta has been extended for 24 hours and additional access codes are being issued to people on the waiting list...
  4. fick

    What are you currently playing?

    How are you finding the DZ? Solo is a bitch, lost count of the times I've lost gear, getting twatted at the helicopter points while trying to get gear out. Had a few decent encounters, but my headset doesn't work all the time and some people get quite salty when you don't speak! Might try using...
  5. fick

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    Simple answer is HELL YEAH! It's a cover based shooter and for once the cover based system is well implemented. I love the feeling of freedom, I was expecting more of a guided experience, but no, you can wander and mooch for stuff. Weapons feel good, if a little underpowered. 5 straight...
  6. fick

    Boooo Konami

    Not read a rant like that for a few years, really does bring back... let's just say 'memories'. I do recall PES6 being the first PES where I could say I felt the scripting. It could be annoying, but not in the way subsequent instalments have shown to be. If Konami were to dig out PES4, bring it...
  7. fick

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    True on FC4. Still, for the cost, big map with lots of relatively amusing tasks to wash, rinse and repeat as it were. Beta supposedly starts at 9am UK tomorrow. If it's shite you'll know by 10am. Hopefully you'll hear nothing until about 2pm and that's only as I have to be somewhere for 2:20pm!
  8. fick

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    Just got Far Cry 4 for £9.60 through XB live. Cheap as chips. Also got a closed beta code for Tom Clancy's the Division. Downloading now ready for the first day of the beta on the 28th. XBox gets the beta 1 day earlier...
  9. fick

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Eventually started on this yesterday, through the early hours of this morning. It puerile, toilet humour ridden, politically incorrect and thrives on the most ridiculous concepts. Basically I think it's bloody marvellous!! Just at the point where I have a big faction choice to make and am...
  10. fick

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    I was referring to people I know who have played it rather than just reviews, but after looking, yep, I can see the general industry response is positive, just tend not to take it as gospel. I might get a PS4 later in the year when the house is done, not got free cash for that yet!
  11. fick

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    This title is one I nearly bought a PS4 for. Heard mixed reviews, but was really intrigued by it. Got the impression it was a considerably more interactive Hard Rain...
  12. fick

    Games You've Bought Day One

    Really just the F's this year, Fallout 4, FIFA and Forza. That said I had a discount on FIFA and claimed back rewards points for Fallout. Only full price day one was Forza, but I know I'll definitely get a ridiculous number of hours play out of it. Like DF, everything else is either on Gold...
  13. fick

    Real Madrid

    Hate to tell you this, but since PES went into the sticky depths of online gaming this scenario has been prevalent. Go back through every release of PES with online random matchmaking and within a couple of weeks from release date you will see a corresponding thread on here. It's somewhat...
  14. fick

    Fallout 4 [PC/PS4/One]

    Amen to this. Finished a lot of stuff but know there must be some bits I haven't fully explored due to not being able to do master locks earlier in the game. Suppose it promotes more searching/exploration. Currently level 66, 128 quests complete, 291 locations discovered, 171 days passed in...
  15. fick

    The "what games have you just bought" thread

    Quite a few since I was last here, but the most recent of note being Fallout 4 (many hours lost there!) And Starpoint Gemini 2 . The latter only recently available on Xbone. They've done a good job with the controls, gameplay is more relaxed than Elite: Dangerous (if you die you can reload a...
  16. fick

    Gran Turismo 6 [PS3]

    Most definitely this. Career mode has few points worth noting, in the main it feels soulless. I turned up the ai aggression in the hope of more challenge only to be frequently nudged off the track. The lack of tyre wear, fuel use and damage in arcade is also hugely remiss. On the whole it...
  17. fick

    What games are you waiting for?

    Pretty much nothing. Have an interest in the next GTA outing, but that's about it. It's always the same when there is new tech on the horizon, gaming releases slow & generally decrease in quality.
  18. fick


    For the right money I'll let you borrow the missus :joel:
  19. fick

    What are you currently playing?

    Bit of a mixture on the 360... Mainly Skyrim thanks to the new DLC, but backed up with equal measures of Fifa & Forza Horizon & Borderlands 2. Recently blasted Hitman Absolution too. On the PS3... Dust. Played a couple of DVD's & that's it. My PS love has really waned of late due to a mixture...
  20. fick


    I despise the fuckers. Can sneak past the blind Muppet falmer with ease, but I always end up walking right into one of these poisonous little buggers. Bang on. There is still talk of Skyrim making a Sony appearance, the dev's are allegedly still trying to iron out the creases and are...