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    PES 2017 First Pics and News!

    when pes 2017 demo release?
  2. G

    PES 2016 1.07 version

    in my ps4 just appear 1.04.01? not 1.07? why? but datapack 3 have..
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    PES 2017: your ideas and suggestions

    pes2017 wish 1. KONAMI should make penalty kick dan GK diving like FIFA16. Its look realistic and challenge. 2. Make no touch dribble like fifa16. 3. Adjust R2 dribble to be more realistic. the ball are too far with leg. Just copy fifa16 dribble. 4. make shirt pulling in game. like pes2011...
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    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    how much size of data pack 2 for ps4?
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    WENB PES2014 Option File (Xbox 360)

    yes this OF can use with datapack 5 i have download ur OF, by the way u say that OF only compatible with datapack 4.3 & 1.07 version. but my pes was install with latest datapack 5 & 1.10 version. i just try ur OF, while installing...only about 90-95% data can be copy to xbox360 hdd. but when...
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    WENB PES2014 Option File (Xbox 360)

    this OF not compatible with dlc 5 and 1.10 version? have u try it before? when u gonna release OF 0.3?
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    Face Builds by PeruvianRey

    PeruvianRey... can u make hamsik face
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    WENB PES2014 Option File (Xbox 360)

    Thanks for this of. Even it uncompleted for bundesliga or other fake league. I satisfied. Great kit for bpl. Cantly wait for next version. Thumb up!!!
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    Face Builds by PeruvianRey

    Alexis sanchez is perfect..
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    face editor tutorial?

    hi guys, pes2014 face editor is better than pes2013. but for beginner or newbie like me to create a face using the face editor is so difficult. i try make hamsik napoli faces, but the result is very dissapoint. maybe i'm not artist. could anybody make some video or guide what or how to use...
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    [FACES] Faces by Ronystan

    hi rony, all your work its brilliant! i have some request for u.... 1) mario hamsik (napoli) 2) higuan (napoli) 3) osvaldo (soton) 4) lamela (spurs) 5) jovetic (city) 6) negredo (city) 7) lavezzi (psg)
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    pes2012 on PS vita

    hello, its been a long time i dont join the forum... just wonder are pes2012 will be on ps vita? when? on launch day? just want to know....
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    Master League Random Players

    yup..u need to buy it. cost 100gp. yeag 10gp for 1 match
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    Can switch teams in ML

    Agree no switch team. Evnthough I just play friendlymatch on football life. By the way team rooster are default...if u choose ac milan. There no real squad. Its like play pes on ps2 on 9 year ago. 3 million just not enough to buy good player. By the way game its perfect. Great konami.
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    PES2012 National team rosters... revealed yet?

    I already dload it. Try search on yahoo pes2012 real player names national team
  16. G the game but how can I get rid of the slow down?

    hdd? what u mean by hdd?? if install into hdd, the current option file will been delete?
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    what is coachmode?

    coach mode is a com play itself. u just set the formation, player. and assign the com to play.
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    bundesliga player stats in excel?

    could anyone give bundesliga player stat in excell???
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    Love this game/ what do you guys feel?

    professional level u can shoot many goal. ur foward can easily go inside penalty box. u can hold a ball longer. but in top player, u is hard to get in box easily as oppoent defend around u. top player is the best to master ur skills. but we2011 got superstar level is more chalenging ( experinece...