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  1. skickahit10

    Data Pack 1 Released

    Evo Web is back online, Konami are still dreadful though
  2. skickahit10

    How to Negate the Scripting?

    this trick that was true for PES 2014 ( is also - as I discovered today - true for PES 2015 as well thus - if you delete system.bin, restart the game (enter all your personal settings again) and then write-protect it the game will be much less...
  3. skickahit10

    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

  4. skickahit10

    Thats it. I am canceling my pre-order

    Doesn't look like scripting to me - rather poor AI. In these cases - where the goal is wide open and you are one on one - I actually wished there was a script that made the player clear the ball automatically.
  5. skickahit10

    PES is dying

    Indeed....the only thing that makes PES 2014 look good is the fact that FIFA 14 is even worse (at least on the PC). If EA made a decent game I'd switch in a second - just like I switched from FIFA to PES some 5 years ago, just like a switched to FIFA some 12 years ago and just like a switched...
  6. skickahit10

    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    just scored from 30-35 yards out with Lazio, low bouncing ball
  7. skickahit10

    Dealing with CPU through balls

    I set my defensive line-slider to zero, and I felt it really made a difference...a lot less through balls from the COM now
  8. skickahit10

    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    LOL, in theory maybe. I sound like a typewriter as I ferociously try to switch player *tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap*, then after some 4-5 presses of a button the player gets changed, but oh, the COM just scored a goal on me meanwhile....doh! It truly feels like a lottery if I win a...
  9. skickahit10

    Which difficulty level are you playing on?

    Which difficulty level are you playing on and why? I find myself switching between Superstar and Top Player, where the former has too much scripting and the latter is too easy at times...
  10. skickahit10

    pes is very slow though i have good enoght requirements

    check this thread out for tips on how to increase responsiveness:
  11. skickahit10

    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    Yup. A hard-shooter, good form (red arrow) and a little bit of luck is what you need. Just like in real life.
  12. skickahit10

    [on PC] write-protecting SYSTEM.bin prevents the game from deteriorating

    I stayed home from work today (being sick) and of course attempted to treat myself by playing PES 2014. At the beginning of the day it was lovely, even though I was playing on the Superstar level I scored many beautiful goals and enjoyed the game to the fullest! :laugh: At the end of the day...
  13. skickahit10

    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    90% of my rage stems from: - bad player switching, not being able to switch players using RS - ridiculous defender catch-up bug
  14. skickahit10

    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    Alright, so I tried the Nvidia Inspector tool and it worked pretty good I must say! :) I turned V-sync off and locked frame rate to 75 fps, that gave me a pretty pleasant, zippy, gaming experience while there was little (but some) flicker and my laptop didn't overheat (although the fans were...
  15. skickahit10

    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    Thanks for the heads-up guys! Will try this tonight and see if it works out! :)
  16. skickahit10

    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    Ugh, I have a Nvidia-card, my luck... :crymore: do you know if you can do that on Nvidia-cards?
  17. skickahit10

    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    If you ever figure out a way to lock the FPS, please let me know!
  18. skickahit10

    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    I tried it and I can confirm what you say - turning v-sync off makes the game a hell lot snappier, responsive and enjoyable. I usually manage to win games with 1 goal or so, now I won with 5-0, managed beautiful combination play, dribbling etc. Only problem is that my computer overheats which...
  19. skickahit10

    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    Hmm, interesting, will try it tonight and see if I too can notice a difference, although I'm only playing with graphic detail at medium setting for the moment being.
  20. skickahit10

    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    There are some very annoying nags, yes, but I don't find the game awful. I like the direction where Konami are taking the series. Hopefully some future patch will satisfy us all.