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  1. dee-dee

    Pes6 Online tornament (X360) Sign Up Thread

    User: deedee Gamertag: deecarlin I would like to join the competition please.
  2. dee-dee

    X-Box 360 - help

    I am in the same boat as you my friend. I was planning on buying a PS3 for Xmas but after the delay I went and bought a 360 on Saturday and I couldn't be happier. I have Saint's Row which is great and I'm getting hooked up to Xbox Live tonight. Get 360.
  3. dee-dee

    What Next Generation Console Are You Going To Get?

    Unlike most of you I will be standing outside GAME on November 17th ready to collect my PS3. The price is outrageous but in the long run it will destroy the 360 with it's superior graphics and the coup of having Blu-Ray functionality. Plus it will have Assassin's Creed.
  4. dee-dee

    lacoste logo

    Come on the Pompey and beat the Gunners, I wonder if Wenger will be stupid enough to drop Henry for this match. I hope so.
  5. dee-dee

    Official Winning Eleven 10 Info/Screens

    Apart from the new kits, boots and a few cool moves it is basically WE9.
  6. dee-dee

    Fight Night Round 3 on Xbox 360

    Just what I didn't want to hear, incredible visuals and PRETTY GOOD gameplay. I buy games 90% for the gameplay, if the graphics are great then it's a bonus.
  7. dee-dee

    New GTA! (PS2)

    If the game is an identical port of the PSP version then it isn't much to shout about.
  8. dee-dee


    Why do you start every word with a capital letter? Yeah, err, welcome I guess...
  9. dee-dee

    WiFi Max

    I just bought this and can't get it to work. Anyone else got it and could offer advice?
  10. dee-dee

    Bug Reporting on 7.0

    Yeah well done Hitman it looks great. If you report a bad post what happens to the person who posted it? Any update on the return of the Insight Shop?
  11. dee-dee

    Hi everybody, i'm a very new member of this forum...

    Hope you enjoy your stay here mate.
  12. dee-dee


    Jesus Christ this kid is a legend. But he is so banned.
  13. dee-dee


    Yeah, welcome to the site and enjoy yourself.
  14. dee-dee

    Patrice Evra

    Yeah that is good
  15. dee-dee

    PSP Games

    I have GTA, PES5, Virtua Tennis and Burnout. Definitely get GTA and Burnout, they are essential. Make up your own mind about PES5. It good but not really worth the price if you have it on PS2.
  16. dee-dee

    FM 06 Competition - Teams?

    Post up some pics. This may be the only time anyone sees Sunderland top of the league.
  17. dee-dee

    FM 06 Competition - Teams?

    I have 3 points from first 3 games. I beat West Brom 1-0 at home, but got thrashed by Villa and unfortunately lost a close match against West Ham. Kelvin Davis has been superb and so has Dean Whitehead. My new signing from St. Etienne has played good but not amazing. My next match is away to...
  18. dee-dee

    PES 6 Suggestions

    1. Chipped penalties 2. The Premiership teams all to be licensed. 3. More tricks to go past players.
  19. dee-dee

    FM 06 Competition - Teams?

    Do you have to do large database? My PC isn't that good so I just picked normal size. I going out to Pizza Hut so I will continue later.
  20. dee-dee

    FM 06 Competition - Teams?

    Just finished my first 2 warm-up matches. Surprisingly I won both by big scorelines. Andy Welsh got MOTM both times.