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    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    I used Excel 2013 and i couldn't import Ansu-Fati's ID to replace a fake player from a team i exported. Maybe my excel is too old. I really don't know why it disappeared for some and not for others, but for sure he was not in my game anymore !
  2. K

    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    Great work Mikehook, Thanks alot. According to transfermarkt, and if i'm not wrong, there are some others missing transferes: Arda Turan to Barcelona F. Guarin to Vasco de Gama Pedro Junior to Samut Prakan City (Thai league) Ricardo Goulart to Evergrande Pedro to Flamengo Ramires to Palmeiras...
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    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    No i didn't succeed by myself, i don't know what is wrong with my computer, but thanks to Mantis Junior I got him back !
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    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    Thanks a lot philips_99, I also found the list, i'm going to check that ! Busy loading SMcCutcheon's tool now, i hope i'll get the faces too....
  5. K

    [PLAYERS] Winter free agents

    According to Buckshot some people like me don't have Ansu-Fati in their game anymore because we updated the National teams during DP4. I hope Konami will fix it very fast or else i may get them back thanks to Philips_99 (here: ) but i would like...
  6. K

    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    Yes, Buckshot, I updated the national team :( I'm going to try Philips_99's way to bring him back, but i wonder who are the other players who disappeared, specially the ones with scanned faces. Maybe someone made a list ?
  7. K

    [PS4] Adding back "hidden"/removed players

    Indeed, i think that more than 250 players disappeared including Ansu-Fati (Barcelona). Why the F... Konami ??????
  8. K

    [PLAYERS] Winter free agents

    Do you think that some of these players disappeared ? Before updating the game there was More than 2200 players in the database, now they are around 21754 in my game. Ansu-Fati, for example, disappeared... Konami :(
  9. K

    [PS4] Schitzophonic's Team Exports 2020

    Great work but seems that the the euro classic team doesn't work, i can't put it in game. Do you have another link to download please ?
  10. K

    Liga MX

    NOT MINE !!! Just found it on youtube. /PES2020_LIGA_BBVA_MX.rar/file
  11. K

    [LEAGUE] Major League Soccer - eFootball PES2020 - PS4 OUT NOW!!! by WWEFAN

    Thanks for your work, i'm going to try it. Why did you use on the European Classic team ? There is not enough fake teams on other latino teams ?
  12. K

    [FACES] Copy base players

    Thiago Mendes (Lille): J. Gomez (Liverpool) Rafel Leao (Lille): Reine Adelaide (Angers) Siebatcheu (Rennes): Antonio (West Ham) Hunou (Rennes): B. Mee (Burnley)
  13. K

    [FACES] Copy base players

    S. MARCH (Brighton Hove Albion): Holding (Arsenal)
  14. K

    [FACES] Copy base players

    owen31: Thanks, you found some good choices for the faces ! I specially like the face you found for Kamara, Araujo and Malcuit. I'll check the new ones now :)
  15. K

    [FACES] Copy base players

    I'm looking for a Marcus Thuram (En Avant Guingamp)'s doppleganger. Badou Ndiaye look a bit alike but if someone have a better idea ?
  16. K

    [OF] Classic National Teams PES 2019

    huge work, excellent OF ! Thanks !
  17. K

    [PS4] Legends offline

    I wonder when they will release the Gunners.
  18. K

    Chinese Super League PS4 By Viper12 & Gustavo Levy V1

    Well the Chinese's league will be licenced in 1 week (And the Thai's one too)... We'll see if it overwrite both fake Asian leagues or else I'll be interested by the J-League and the Australian League.
  19. K

    51 hidden players from pes 2018 by Junior Mantis

    Unfortunatly there is no Ibrahimovic, Pulisic, Van der Wiel, Haller...That would be great if Junior Mantis manage to find these players, Dortmund and Leipzig's players but i don't think we'll get any more. He posted this pack end of september, i asked him on twitter if there is a chance to find...
  20. K

    51 hidden players from pes 2018 by Junior Mantis

    Sorry, i thought it was. Corrected :)