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    Enable 3D on PS3

    LOLXXXX :kagawa::kagawa:
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    Attacking? Can't score

    I was getting frustrated at times too, as I kept losing the games...LOL... I was Barcelona against Newcastle and I still lost..LOL (no disrespect though). But hey, this game really need a lot of practice and practice. And patience too. You just have to keep on building up your attack...and...
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Yes. change the folder name paul to SAVEDATA. :tongue:
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    you can do this, first folder named PS3 > second folder inside named SAVEDATA > follow by all the edit files which you do not need to change any names of them.
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Name your the other folder inside folder PS3 as SAVEDATA
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Boss, how to subscribe to your blog? = )
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    Funny Formation

    I tried a few games with Manchester United playing the BAL. I realized on few occasions some funny formations by the AI manager. I.E. playing Cleverly, Johnny Evan at left back, when Evra or Buttner is fit and available?? :tongue:
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Cos on your blog, it shows below: Download Links Latest Full File http://www.xxxxxxx Compatible with Data Pack 1.00 v1.0 http://www.mediafire.comxxxxx v1.1 http://www.mediafire.comxxxxx v1.2 http://www.mediafire.comxxxxx
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Hi Boss, have installed your V1.1, so do i only download and install your v1.2 or download the full version again? Thanks.
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Hi Boss, i just installed your latest (not sure if it is) OF, but the Bundesliga and NP teams not updated? Or is there another update? thanks
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    bad news !!

    Thanks IC
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    bad news !!

    Sorry guys..just a question. Should we download the DLC first and install the option files or vice versa? Thanks.
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    Always substituted

    This i got to agreed. Though it can be understand in the real world being a young player, it would be often rare to play the whole match. But there are also cases where being a 19 years old and at times playing exception well (scoring 1 a goal and a assist), he should be allow to play the whole...
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    My HUGE PES2012 v FIFA12 analysis

    U called that realistic? Where the hell you will find all players run the field up and down the entire field for full 90 mins?:innocent:
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    Do not buy pes 2012

    chill down dudes...just a game...
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    PES 2012 positivity thread

    my only complaint is i can't eat pop corn or potato chips when playing pes12...:w00t
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    Do not buy pes 2012

    your sweeping statement just showed your intelligent level i won't dispute on. :w00t