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    could you please send me the link as i would really love this file & your work looks amazing
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    [KITS] by Scotto (Scottish and International)

    Amazing work mate, have you done Stranraer yet as I can’t seem to find them?
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    Gameplay Fix - Coming in OCTOBER

    I've stopped playing it, just hope the fix does fix the problems. Such a shame because it really could be a good game but at the moment I just find it unplayable.
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    [KITS] by Scotto (Scottish and International)

    Fantastic work, the kits are amazing. Any chance of you doing the Alloa away and goalkeeper kits to complete the set.
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    To me PES19 Is broke

    That's exactly what I've been saying. This game was rush released before it was finished and tested correctly. Everyone can see what's wrong with it and that is totally unacceptable. Fifa is out this week and that will spell the end of pes this year and perhaps for good after this years disaster.
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    What a dissapointment

    Yes, this years pes is shit. Gameplay is a shambles.
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    game is so heavily scripted

    Totally agree. This game is so scripted it's embarrassing. You get 1-0 up then the opposition all of a sudden becomes world beaters and you know what's coming every time, low cross into the box back heel and goal. Then you seem to lose virtually every game. It happens every game and cannot just...
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    [KITS] English Lower League Kits

    Great job, the kits look fantastic. Will you be doing more? Would love to get Mansfield Town and Notts County kits.
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    New ps4 account images

    If you set up a new PS4 account can you import more different kits and images if your other account images is full. I want to add classic teams/kits on my new account if possible.
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    SPFL Kits by Scotto

    nice kits, good work, well done
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    Burnley fan

    option file threads best place
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    Hard to Score PS4

    I have the same problem, jusy more practice needed
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    Other european teams

    option file mate
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    the file looks amazing
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    could you please email me the link it would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]
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    [TEAMS] Classic Club sides PS4

    Fantastic file