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    next gen screens and news next week!!!!!!!

    just found this on ign
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    is there a ps2 version?
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    "As the connection to Xbox live has been severed..."

    have the same problem mate, 20 disconnects in about 30 games now, konami and microsoft eating our money
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    PES6 XBOX360 new screens

    ^^dude the game is'nt out yet...chill^-^
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    All PS2 PES5 Online Connection Issues/Problems Thread

    I'm talking about the ps2 version of the game. Please help, cant wait to see how good I really am not playing against some 5 star computer, please I need your help urgently
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    All PS2 PES5 Online Connection Issues/Problems Thread

    problem which ports do I have to open and how do I open them to play pes5 online with a netopia 3346 router, I stay in switzerland and I play FIFA 2006 without problem but when I bought pes5 and tried the online stuff its hangs in the testing network environment place, please someone help me...
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    Pro Evo 5 - Not Worth It At All!

    who da truck does'nt like pes5 ,no harsh feelings dudes,I actually hated the game the first time I played it,it takes time to master,keep on playing keep on liking
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    WE9 screenshot thread post when there are some
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    lampard screamer WE9 It is'nt my video,I saw from another site. cheers mate
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    Screenshots of Winning eleven 9

    maybe ,you've seen it,I'm not sure but here arse some links