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    [FACES] Faces 2014 by whistle

    Awesome face of Vargas and Pinilla :O
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    Fixing netherland NT

    Alguien sabe como eliminar el DLC 7 ?? Anyone know how to remove DLC 7 ??
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    [TOURNAMENT] The World Cup Brazil Creation Thread 2014

    Chile National Team World Cup Brasil 2014:
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    [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo (no request)

    A las actuales :D A Current :D
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    [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo (no request)

    Maquiavelo una pregunta, de donde descargaste las camisetas de las selecciones Nacionales ? Maquiavelo a question of where you downloaded shirts National selections?
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    [PES2014] Liga & Ascenso MX / Bundesliga / J. League - V1 Download [BLUS31322]

    La versión de Zsolt no me sirve,soy Blus ajajaja u.u
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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS) OF

    questions I have the dlc 0.5, but this is the first OP to be installing, and the Premier have edited and created some faces of players, this OP did not edit those faces? I install the previous version before this OP? ---------------------------------------------------- Una pregunta Tengo...
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    [PES2014] Liga & Ascenso MX / Bundesliga / J. League - V1 Download [BLUS31322]

    Donde esta el Link para descargar la Bundesliga ? no lo encontré jajaja
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    [FACES] Wilsiton9524 PES 2014 Faces

    Oooh tremendo Danilson idéntico :O
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    [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo (no request)

    Buenas caras Maquiavelo!! Good Face's Maquiavelo !!
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    [FACES] Wilsiton9524 PES 2014 Faces

    Que buenas caras Wilsiton como siempre !! :O podrías hacer a Oswaldo Vizcarrondo ?? de antemano gracias!! That good faces Wilsiton as always! : Or you could do Oswaldo Vizcarrondo? thanks in advance!!
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    [FACES] Wilsiton9524 PES 2014 Faces

    Muy buen Mauricio Pinilla :DD, muchas gracias Very good Mauricio Pinilla :DD, thank you very much
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    [FACES] Wilsiton9524 PES 2014 Faces

    Muy buenas face's :O !! sigue con tu trabajo *--* PD: Podrías hacer a Mauricio Pinilla (Cagliari Seria A) ??
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    [FACES] Faces by Juampy_050

    Que gran Bale agustinguc :O PD: Q.D.E.P. Chucho Benitez :(
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    [FACES] Faces by Juampy_050

    agustinguc eres muy bueno !! y por supuesto que Juampy también :D
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    [HD EMBLEMS] Hrvoje10

    Woww :shocking:
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    [FACES] Faces by Juampy_050

    woww Genial tus faces amigo :D
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    [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    puedes postear la formula por favor ??