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    PES 2016 Mvp77 Gameplay Patches (PC)

    These patches are for Konami PES 2016 v1.03.00 DLC 2.00 and their intent is to improve its gameplay. Installation and use: Use one exe plus one dt18 file togheter to have better results. Different exe+dt18 combinations give you different gameplay styles. Example. Use MVPes2016v1.exe...
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    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    S.O.S. (Same Old Shit) Can someone understand what changed? Where are all the things they promised? I want my money back!
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    Ideas Compilation Post.

    Stats Blue=o Red=x Attack -> ATK Awareness Defence -> DEF Awareness Short-pass accuracy Short-pass speed Long-pass accuracy Long-pass speed NEW STATs: Pass accuracy+Pass speed NEW SPECIAL ABILITIES: Assist★, Long pass★ Dribble accuracy Jump Header accuracy Place kicking...
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    Ideas Compilation Post.

    The time is come. Play the game since ISS Pro 98. All the potential is in it, but they fail to exploit it. Indeed, it underwent an involution in recent years. It's time to re-write the "core": • AI • Tactics • Free kicks/Corners/Throw-ins • Stats • Graphic & Audio