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  1. castrometal

    online play

    thank you, those are good news
  2. castrometal

    online play

    and can you choose any stadium you want? cause before we were stuck with one.
  3. castrometal

    edit mode images

    i dont have the game yet since im here in america, so i wanna know if anyone knows where i can find edit mode pics or videos, ive been lookin everywhere but those are the most difficult to find.
  4. castrometal

    when does the american version of PES2008

    what makes you think that he asking about NFLO8?? didnt you read his question??
  5. castrometal

    Fifa 2008

    i agree with you, we are just as addictive to pes here in this side of the world, but maybe this time i wont feel the anxiety that much since fifa is goood.
  6. castrometal

    PES vs FIFA Player Likeness

    sadly they are, and not only their faces suck but the kits aswell, they are unrealistic to be next gen. i can confirm that they are real cause i own fifa 08
  7. castrometal

    Fifa 08 review the truth!! for the pro evo fans

    i have fifa 08 for the ps3, and i like it, i like the be a pro option in the game, its very fun and the challenges are good to play aswell, but the players likeness is horrible they look like shit and the numbers in the shirts are all fucked up! but the gameplay is good, not great like pes...
  8. castrometal

    The Official Pro Evo 2008 Updates & New Pics Thread

    what the hell is wron with konami 10 players to form a wall, and how is it possible to only have 3 players making a wall when the free kick is so close to the area?? WTF?? anyways by this point i see we are all dissapointed about how little effort konami has put to this game, but still, we...
  9. castrometal

    Konami Unveil PES7

    no, its fake! and its already been postd it. any ps3 screens yet?? or any videos of any console??
  10. castrometal

    next gen screens and news next week!!!!!!!

    lol it took me like 5 min to understand what you were tryn to say, but it is a fact that people get pissed off at the fact the playstation 2 version have been better and so will the ps3 will be.
  11. castrometal

    Playing PS2 PES6 online on a PS3

    well, is it possible to play PES wireless in the ps3??
  12. castrometal

    Konami Unveil PES7

    these images are good enough for me specially the second one, it looks awesome
  13. castrometal

    next gen screens and news next week!!!!!!!

    this 360 fanboys seem so angry everytime someone says PES will be better on the ps3, i think you guys are not so sure the game will be that good in the 260
  14. castrometal

    next gen screens and news next week!!!!!!!

    no thats the american version of pes6 cause, the american version has a puma ball and puma boots, so that video is not of pes7.
  15. castrometal

    next gen screens and news next week!!!!!!!

    its not that easy to get hold of konami,all i know is that there will be stuff that wont make it to the 360 because of the limited space, i dont know what those features might be, but what i think konami is sayin by this is that there will be more details in the ps3 version, like a deeper master...
  16. castrometal

    PS3/360 versions will be practically identical

    how the hell is it possible to have pro evo in two discs?? are we going to have half the leagues and stadiums in one disc and the other half in the other or what?? anyway i could care less cause that is for the 360 losers, lol j/k i got a ps3 so its all good =)
  17. castrometal

    next gen screens and news next week!!!!!!!

    yes thats true but remember that ps2 and xbox use DVD's, and now the ps3 uses blu ray and 360 still using normal DVD.
  18. castrometal

    Stadiums in pes 7

    Brazil licensed, that means most important national teams are pretty much all real, lets hope theres more licensed leagues now. the grass still looks shit.
  19. castrometal

    next gen screens and news next week!!!!!!!

    I spoke to konami early this morning and i have been informed that the PS3 version will be the original version of the game and the 360 will be a port because the blu ray disc gives the more freedom to add more features to it , than the dvd cause it has more space. so it makes it easier to make...