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    What changes/additions would you like to see in Pes 2010?

    - slower gameplay....just run past defenders now - the gauge system sound good...will give specific tacitcs - more boots because i like correct assesories for players...not everyone wear one colour vapor and t90... - more stats so the different areas is more precise...probably group a couple...
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Hi Muff...if there suppose a system data because i can't see the unlock players...
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    Reply from Konami regarding Gudjohnsen !!

    Brendever: you support MANY teams. haha :) i have both games on ps3 and i play pes a lot more because it's better gameplay. i like fifa with the graphics and licenses, and choosing any celebration. haha wes brown trying obafemi martins celebrate. haha
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    Reply from Konami regarding Gudjohnsen !!

    that's what i'm doing. :) i did that too. throw it to the wall. crack the controller and dent on the wall. :realmad: stupid defending.
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    Weird happenings in PES (Photos and Vids)
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    PS3 - Getting my mug in the game...

    it should be system settings in the pro evo 2009 game. not the ps3 menu.
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    Weird happenings in PES (Photos and Vids)

    struck by lightning or heart attack. haha :)
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    Weird happenings in PES (Photos and Vids)

    this is a crazy header! EDIT: another one maybe not that weird but
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    anyone wana game of pro online? ps3

    PSN is IHAVESPARETIME...PES name is....ihavesparetime i think. i played online twice so i forget. should be update the ps3 soon. then ready for some beating ^_^ haha :happy:
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    Best teams

    definiely aston villa. they have a quite young squad and milner, ashley young, agbonlahor, delfouneso, sidwell and gardner become world class if played enough.
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    anyone wana game of pro online? ps3

    if i copy my edit data and update. and i don't like it can it put the edit data and back to before? thank you for your replies
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    anyone wana game of pro online? ps3

    edit team, i change all the stadiums so they are similar to the real ones. editing stats, most premier league and la liga and a couple of other leagues.
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    anyone wana game of pro online? ps3

    damn! i have to update 1.3 to play online. but i don't want to because he edit so much after download von option file 1.06!!! tell me if all my edit is loser after update? prompt me everytime i turn on and i keep cancelling because i scare of loosing my editing. thank you
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    Whats the site?

    that's the one i use to edit. useful.
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    anyone wana game of pro online? ps3

    PES name - IHAVESPARETIME what is PSN?
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    22 player Pro Evo Tournament + Full Video Highlights!!

    great video. i score a lot of the last goal. from a corner then run on the area line and shoot at the semi circle. is the white socks after konami update 1.3 or option file?
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    Need your advice for a tournament with friends

    1. park is overrated in the game. where does he play? 2. problem solved ^_^ 3. try man marking him. 4. umm...he is not invincible. maybe turn inside with messi and henry and run on the edge of the area then near the semi circle shoot. i always score that way.
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    Transfer List this is all january. most of them anyway. it doesn't have the febuary ones because it is extended to 2nd febuary.
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    1.30 update!

    will i lose the von's option file and all the edit i do myself after the update? it ask me the update start a week ago but i didn't know if my editing will loose so i keep clicking NO.
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    Need your advice for a tournament with friends

    i guess so. i don't just edit my team's stats though. edit every team in premier league and la liga, and some important teams. this site is editing stats.