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  1. dan80

    eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

    Brought pes for the first time in about 6 years, not sure about it lack of motivation to even play it
  2. dan80

    whats your highest match rating?

    7.5 is my highest and i scored 4 goals that game.
  3. dan80

    What else can I do with my money??

    Nothing else, its something they should do is make your money useful like buying stuff like boots and things, or just anything because once you get the top agent thats it money goes up untill you pay his wages, i think konmai could do a lot more with this mode and make it exciting.
  4. dan80

    wish list for pes 2013

    1. Better Animations 2. Better goalkeepers 3. No scripting/cheating 4. fix the shooting: so chosing where to place your shot actually works and less floaty. 5. More realistic ball phyiscs: sometimes you take a shot and the ball is spining wide and then somehow bounces and spins in or...
  5. dan80

    New to PES Need help please

    Yeah its really annoying all i can say is you got to keep playing the game untill it decides to keep you on for full games. I dont think its all about stamina or ratings i think the games just bugged and scripted, i was at acmilan for about 4 years and barcalona 2 seasons and usualy got subbed...
  6. dan80

    I bought Fifa!

    I think it just comes down to what people like and want, when i play fifa i cant help but get bored when the same sort of stuff happens during games, also my fifa doesn't actually work due to micro freezing so already cant be the best football game. Pes is still poor this year as well and i...
  7. dan80

    PC Version vs Console Version - Is PC Easier?

    I notice all this to the PC version seems alot better and fun to play compared to what i play on the ps3 things for me seem a struggle at times and im a 95 rating, ive actually had to put the difficulty down to professional not for it to be easier but for a more realistic experience i find top...
  8. dan80

    Drastic difficulty shift!?

    ^ Agree, this mode is not realistic at all it just seems broke all of the time, i still don't know why i play it maybe im expecting something amazing to finally happen when i reach a good overall but im a 94 and still can play like total crap ive heard ive gotta wait till im in my 30s for things...
  9. dan80

    BaL 2012 Missions

    It is a load of shit, or when you feel you done well and scored the winning goal or only goal good game but the rating bar goes down with blue on it and sometimes you dont do anything good and it goes up with red, or come on as a sub for 15 mins and score once and get a 8.0 rating where...
  10. dan80

    a question

    Not sure about this could be an age thing maybe becuase when i was a ac milan i got subbed at the 50 miniute mark then same at barca and i was under 20 year old at those clubs, only sometimes playing a bit more but maybe if you stay at a club a long time you eventually get to play more time...
  11. dan80

    Drastic difficulty shift!?

    I think if your playing bad then the team plays bad, i just think its random one miniute the team can play really well then they cant pass a ball 3 yards without losing possesion even good players with decent ablity just loose everything, all when the game says so, random or just scripted.
  12. dan80

    Drastic difficulty shift!?

    Agree with all of this something else that annoyed me just before i raged quit twice and restart 2 times, i was rested for the the chelsea game im manutd and captain, manger rested me dont have a clue why now our form has been shit at late cant score at all but the game was skipped we won 5-1...
  13. dan80

    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    I swear this mode is just totally random, one miniute im amazing scoring all the time next i cant do a thing scoring every now and then, and the game making you miss easy chances it just seems to decide what happens weather you have good abilty or not im 22 and an 88 overal it just doent seem...
  14. dan80

    Goals in 45th and 90th minute

    In offline aswell like teams just become amazing and make every single pass perfect and thats the thing you know when its happening and you can just sit there and wait for the goal it wouldnt be so bad if they covered it well but its just so obvious such a frustrating game especially in BAL.
  15. dan80

    Manager rating and his strategy frustration

    I really don't know, it might just be a game bug im a striker for manutd and if were winning always around the 65th miniute im put in definsive midfield when i have no defensive skills and thats really annoying that the manager cant just put on a DMF, i wouldnt mind being dropped on the wing or...
  16. dan80

    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Just joined manutd in the january window and done really well scoring 23 goals in 25 games in just half a season! and thought that was really good. For that i was made captain for the next season :).
  17. dan80

    Voicing Discontent with Your Manager

    Yeah think its a good idea sometimes i get played out of position and i start moaning so wish i could complain to the manager.
  18. dan80

    Does anyone actually really enjoy this mode?

    I play for barcalona and its not all that we have the odd good game but there not amazing like they should be and i think i may go to some less club so i dont have disapointment.
  19. dan80

    Substitute bug?

    Just happens sometimes ive had it once this year and it always happens to your teamates they come on for you and then they come off for someone else just a load of broken crap really.
  20. dan80

    Does anyone actually really enjoy this mode?

    Im not really enjoying it, im only playing it to get my player really good so i can try and help the team play better, every team plays the same crowded box and you cant get in to space you cant loose your marker and while you try and make space your AI team mates do that josleing thing which...