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    Need Help

    rename or delete opmov
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    Kit Problem - what model shall i use!?

    That's last years GK anyway, get the new one from Kel at WEvolution btw that is a WIDE BACK kit
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    New Celtic Away Kit

    If you want kits you are better off at Wevolution or evo-web TBH
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    [PES5] Premiership Kits

    the new kitserver is 5.2 or 5.3 and includes ball server, face server and lodmixer
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    Converting replays into Media File

    search didn't work? strange when I tried this 'Converting replays' it seemed to work quite well
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    Adidas +10 training kit

    show us the other team as well
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    Editing Boot Packs

    why are you creating a new bin? Just import the bmps of the boots you want or use dkz studio
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    Editing Boot Packs

    just download the boot pack on evo-web that has all the boots set to 1 palette! have you checked the dimensions of the boots in the game already, have you cut yours to the same size, have you loaded the saved pallete on to each boot? My guess is No to all of those? And why would you not ask in...
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    Editing Boot Packs

    why not actually mention which part 'goes wrong' instead of making it appear you haven't really tried
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    World Cup 06 Kit Request - PES4

    It's considered common decency to at least mention whose kits you used as a base
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    I can not play pes5

    Strange that no-one mentions the known problem of too many saves in folder1???
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    PESInsight Forums > Editing Area > File Downloads (NO QUESTIONS) > Edited Kits :rolleyes:
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    my PES freezes

    just make a folder2 and you can open that ingame, in fact up to folder8 :lol:
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    Worst football Game?

    for bad you can't do much worse (better?) than Emlyn Hughes Soccer and Mexico 86 on the Speccy!!
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    PES5 Crashing Problem

    why are you asking about PS2 problems in the PC section?
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    Team Badges

    you have the PC version, so why wouldn't you want to patch the game?
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    PES5 Crashing Problem

    the 8mb limit only affects the folder with the option file in it
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    Help! How to access saved replays

    it won't work, you can't watch replays like that, you open replays in the gallery in game and to convert them to media files you read the instructions to do so on forums like these
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    HELP PLEASE!!! All strips are black!?!?

    replace whatever you just changed, option file or kitserver
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    Lost CD Key - help freaking idiot!

    but surely you know whether your password was on a piece of paper or in the manual from the first time you installed the game???? But I think we all know you have never seen a manual because you haven't actually bought it have you????