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    PES 2013... My Thoughts Of It Online! (VERY HONEST)

    Konami should eliminate the through ball flaw and the game is solid since pes 5 6
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    please help me defend!!

    deep defense and high pressure
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    Why does the defence always approch the halfway line??? How to prevent this FLAW

    The problem is not with the defense, the main problem is that the through pass is unrealistically way to effective in the game eventhough you are controlling a xavi. What konami should do is not wait for 2014 but fix this problem by making the triangle through pass less effective the greater...
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    On-Line Login Problem, Help !!!

    But doesn't the pass code work on only one account on ps3, meaning other users on the same ps3 can't use the same pass code??
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    Unable to access online after v1.01 patch for PS3, invalid online pass code

    Same here, I'm in Canada and they ask me to register the online code again but comes up as invalid! What the hell is going on. Maybe it has to do with the online being in maintenence idk...
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Btw did they ask you to register the online pass again?
  7. K


    After downloading the patch and data pack, why does my online pass not work?? Does it have to do with the online being in maintenence mode? They ask me to register the pass code again but comes up as invalid!
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    What happens to created players after the patch and data pack?
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    The PES 2013 "Rage" Thread

    CPU pressing is too intense, they should tone it down. CPU always seems to score the same why by using the through ball no matter how well you defend. What they should have done is kept ai same as in 2012 but just improve animations and goalkeepers. AI defending is too good in 2013 which...
  10. K

    Free kick nightmare!!

    It's just not in superstar level but all levels lol, which makes it quite amusing. The chance of cpu scoring is quite shocking like 95%, hope they fix this issue.
  11. K

    Why do all players run at the same speed?

    I feel 2013 although realistic is turning more into FIFA where there is no chance of individual flare and dribbling past opponents. 2012 had the best balance between realism and fun. I'm thinking of going back to 2012 or just play on +2 where I feel it feels more like pes than fifa.
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    Tactics and attributes to accentuate chance of player runs

    There are two things you can do, 1) change game speed to +1 which I prefer on wide camera, makes for a much more fluid game 2) change the assistance in team management to offensive.
  13. K

    Ideal settings

    What are your ideal gameplay speed, camera angle and pass assistance settings guys?
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    Positives about the game.

    It is the most fun and realistic gameplay since pes 6!
  15. K

    No league mode in pes this year

    It's okay, master league is basically the same..
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    La Liga stadiums PES 2013

    great stuff, can't wait to play at the riazor
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    PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    PES 2013 just feels like a more accurate representation of football than FIFA
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    PES 2013 Demo 2: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    plus try keeping game speed at 0 for both pes 2013 demo and pes 2012