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    [PS2] Option File with EPL kits and badges (EURO Version)

    I tryed it and it works perfectly, the menus and the commentary are still in italian. Once opened the english of with ps2 save builder you have to change the besles booth in the rooth/id slot and in the file name, than you save the new file with the name you like. Try doing the same thing with...
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    [PS2] Option File with EPL kits and badges (EURO Version)

    If you want the italian version take the english of and using ps2 save builder change the besles from 54203 to 54204. I tryed and it worked fine!
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    [PS2] PESFan V1 Option File

    Se mi sai dire il numero del besles dell'option file italiano (quello inglese è BESLES-54223PES6OPT) posso aiutarti. Mi ricolleghero' a questo sito tra qualche ora e domani mattina....
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    [PS2] Option File with EPL kits and badges (ENG Version)

    Thank you very much! Yestarday I waste three hours trying to fix the default OF. Thank you again! Peace, love and prosperity
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    FIFA 07(current-gen) suprisingly amazing

    Tried fifa 2007 both on xbox and ps2 (seven games with barnet in division two). I think fifa is an excellent football videogame as PES5 is an excellent football simulator...
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    [WE10] WEmerica V3X Ultimate

    Looking forward to "test" it!Thanks weamerica! Downoalding it at 60kbs and Uploading it at 20kbs
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    PES5 slower on different TVs?

    You're right!
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    [WE10] WEmerica V2 -World Cup Edition-

    An excellent patch (as usual) by the weamerica team! Thanks a lot guys. P.s. I have noticed it in all the patches, Treviso supporters are mistaken. No problem with freeze (really hot here in Rome). The torrent was really fast Grazie ancora!
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    [PES5] WEmerica Project - V4 Ultimate -

    ...anyway thank for your previously patches they were really good!
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    Which star level should I play on

    Just keep on playing on level 6 stars!
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    WE10 on 4 star

    The game seems more realistic i played ML 6 stars Treviso versus Inter and the games was realistic they (inter) attacked and i was forced to defend for 90 minutes scoring a counterattack equalizer during losstime. I agree with blackover, the zone marking ability of the computer is excessive and...
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    [PES5] WEmerica Project - V4 Ultimate -

    I just downloaded the patch but didn't applied yet, (quite tired) but just took a look to the video intro and it's really fantastic, that's how konami should have done it. GRAZIE WEAMERICA!
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    [ALL] Watson V2.0 Option File [27/March/06]

    A big thank you! Grazie!
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    Winning Eleven 10 Rumours

    The konami's boys are really generous, just for 50 euro they offer us the opportunity to play fantastic matches like cuba vs congo, that will be the ultimate soccer gaming experience! Of course no brazilian teams as they are not as good as Fc Sydney. I almost forgot the indoor arena and the...
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    [PES5] WEmerica Project - V4 Ultimate -

    What kind of bugs mitico Del Piero!
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    [PES5] WEmerica Project - V4 Ultimate -

    Thank you Weamerica for your wonderfull patch. I really appreciate it, you guys are simply the best.
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    [PES5] WEmerica Project - V4 Ultimate -

    I got the european retail version and the patch works wery well. Be more specific maybe we can help you. Of course your ps2 must be modded...
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    [WE9-Japan] Wehellas Patch!!!

    Nice work! It was quite long to download but it's an easy patch to apply. The italian teams line-ups are not updated. I.E. Tomasson still playing for ac Milan, Abel Xavier playing fo Roma. The intro movie froze....
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    [WE9] Wehellas greek team edition patch!!!

    Nice work, I'm really enjoying your patch!