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    !!!WARNING!!! The worst myClub cheating of all

    I have played a total of more than 9000 online matches since PES 2008, believe me its intentional. Same story since 8 years. The reason the opponent was afk for a while was because he was starting his lag generator (either massive torrents or load dumping on pc). And because the opponent was...
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    Constructive Comments/Feedback On Updated PES14 Nov 16th

    Yeah there seems to be only a useless ball camera in 11v11 (which by the way includes the classic 2v2). How are we supposed to play without the wide view camera angle?
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    to KONAMI pls FIX Slow Gameplay issues on PS3 !!

    Yes you are right! I actually meant that it was a combination of both the new engine code and a relatively old hardware.
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    to KONAMI pls FIX Slow Gameplay issues on PS3 !!

    Sorry if I offended you, but this thread is about the game graphically slowing down (framerate drop) due to the enhanced stadium and crowd graphics in PES 2014 on the PS3 and your post was about the AI difficulty. If you agree that your post does not mention anything about the framerate issue...
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    to KONAMI pls FIX Slow Gameplay issues on PS3 !!

    Your post is irrelevant. I suppose the slowdown on the PS3 is due to aging hardware and bad coding/graphic design.
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    My game keeps going to pause menu

    is the battery of the second player controller low? they usuaally go into pause mode if the battery is crucially low
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    What has changed since the latest update? Game feels different

    i really dont think its the servers, however, i never would have thought that a data pack could affect gameplay either...
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    What has changed since the latest update? Game feels different

    At first, I ridiculed the people who thought the download pack affected the game play. I was absolutely sure that this would be impossible, as it is just a roster update with perhaps a few edited player stats. After intensive gaming, I came to the conclusion that I was wrong, and that the game...
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    What has changed since the latest update? Game feels different

    Yes, this is unfortunately true. There has been a discussion on this matter on the main article commentaries on Pesgaming. I also feel the following: Reaction to loose balls slower First ball contact much more unprecise Player running forward less than usual, or staying back more than usual...
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    Help please?

    Set Player Support to a high level. Set Support Range to a high level. These 2 should make player run ahead of the player with the ball more often. It may be even better to make your teammates run forward manually, with the right analog stick.
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    Best goalkeepers?

    all goalkeepers with following stats are worth looking at: GK Skills: 80+ Reaction: 80+ Defence: 80+ Explosiveness: 70+ Mentality: 80+ According to his height, he should have a good jump too.
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    Best goalkeepers?

    helton or do u need a cheaper one?
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    Pes 2013 harlem shake

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    December 20/12 Patch Details !

    New patch, same old no-brainer long throughballs and lag cheaters. I do not see how this patch improves the game one bit. They could not even satisfy the 2v2 criterium, forcing the use of the useless widget. Do the game developers not play the game? Shame...
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    level attack / defense

    u also have to deactivate the automatic attack/defence setting in the formation/tactics menu first
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    Why does the defence always approch the halfway line??? How to prevent this FLAW

    Well said, except that in real life (since you mentioned it) you do not play against Messi/Ronaldo/Etoo every single match.
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    same here, i also seem to have lost all my saved settings, like controller settings and avatar and so on. im on the pc .
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    Form Arrow indicators

    I agree, the current method of form arrows is not ideal. I also worry that, if Konami try to integrate an intelligent form algorithm, they will screw things up and we will end up with permanent red arrowed Messi's and Cronaldo's online. They would have to nail it perfect with such a...
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    Form Arrow indicators

    So many of you people brag about "..I have played since ISS 1 on the commodore 64..." or whatever. It is appalling how many of you can say that form is random. I have been playing since PES 2008, and I know for a fact the the arrows are NOT COMPLETELY RANDOM. There is a stat called "Form" or...