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    Play the games online with a friend?

    Can you co-op the master league with a friend by bringing him in to play the games with you?
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    BAL Difficulty

    The bad play isn't the teamwork skill - it is you. The CPU wants to play off you more than anyone else and if you aren't showing to the ball they will attempt to dribble with it. The teamwork skill will effect the quality of the passes between players, but it sounds like the biggest problem...
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    Attacking? Can't score

    The CPU counters really well because they can string together a couple perfect passes and a great through ball. The way to defend that is to make sure you have guys back. You can't knock that perfect through ball in when you have someone holding up the play. * If you are on the attack for...
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    Become a Legend is flawed

    I don't have a problem with goals as soon as I learn how to play the way my new team likes to play. You have to play your position right and make sure the ball gets to the right people. I joined Benfica with a very strong LMF and once I started forcing the ball down the left side I got header...
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    "How do you get a good rating?" (on defense) My CF had a 6.7 defensive rating in my first year, 6.3 offensive. Just stay behind the ball and cut out the bad passes when they come and make a tackle on the bad touches. I also run back into my box to head the ball away a lot.
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    hand of god

    Haha I saved my replay put it on USB and sent it to my friend and hes like why didn't you just record the screen with your iPhone :)
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    Your agent affects your form
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    "Lost 4-3 to Croatia played 40mins Scored to and we were winning 3-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You were on the pitch for those 4 goals?? :)
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    Gameplay issues

    Don't switch, the AI is playing defense correctly, you just have to assist by playing your position and clogging the passing lanes.
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    1-1champions league final what happened next

    I was in a 1-1 normal league game in BAL as a CF. Corner happens at the 89th minute for the AI team and there are 2 defenders back but I sat by the sideline. Ball gets cleared straight to me, I'm wide open with the defenders rushing me and my AMF sprinting into the open. I cross the ball out...
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    Modern football and KONAMI's gamespeed

    "the AI keeps RUSHING forward like they are crazy or something." Start playing defense correctly? Once I learned how to play the game the AI has a lot more possession as I don't keep my player out of position and hold down square chasing the guy with the ball all the time. You do that of...
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    D2 league in Bal?

    My first attempt starting a BAL had my D2 league in it, but it was just an extra league not a D2 for another league. Second attempt did not have the D2 league in it so I assume it randomly leaves out one of the leagues.
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    Team Training Point Improvement

    Anyone have experience sticking with a middling team with normal transfers?
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    "The AI always cut them out or get to the ball before the striker, even if he has higher speed" You just have to time it right at least on Top Player. I'm a CF, my AMF loves to pass me the ball in the middle of the field and just sprint. If theres enough space and I get him the through ball...
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    I'm in love with 2012 with unassisted passing. I still suck, but now I can make all the passes I've always wanted to make. Made a tank CF with 88 shot power, 71 acc, 82 body balance. He really sucks. But has outside curve and midrange curler as cards so I'm hoping for some good long range...
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    Team Training Point Improvement

    Hah, yeah but how do you get your team to make good transfers during the BAL :)
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    Team Training Point Improvement

    The fact that you get twice as many training points for joining Chelsea as my team is killing me. Anyone know how the training points increase for the team? Or thoughts on how big an impact it will be on you to stick with an average team vs joining one of the top 4. I started with a tank 88...
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    I haven't yet gotten the 7.0 on the 3 attempts at the scouting mission, so thanks for the 'don't worry about it'. Keep getting robbed by the woodwork or a glancing deflection. Least it makes the game a little more intense when you are thinking I just need that 2nd goal.
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    BAL TIPs TRICKs To Improve Better!!!

    Stamina determines your condition score I believe. At least during creation with 4 pts in stamina I almost always had condition score of 8. With 2 pts in stamina I have gotten 8 before, but maybe 1 out of 50 re-rolls. EDIT: Does this mean improving your stamina will improve your condition?
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    How important is the 7.0 rating scouting mission? Does that just help you sign with the team watching you? Any other interesting 'missions' ? They sold me used and I didn't get an instruction booklet. I have to know these things!