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    Championship option file (PS3)

    Good work fella, ive just spent about 3 hours moving as mny champioship teams as possible over to the spanish league and i replaces Byaern Munich and WE united with 2 aswel, u can only get 8 championship teams in the master league, u have to make the 12 up by using celtic and rangers and ive put...
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    Championship option file (PS3)

    If you want them to work in master league its easy, maybe a coupe of hours work, but when u download his file just alter were they are, u can swap and change teams urself once u have the file on ur game. Thats what i intend to do, plus why wud actually wanna play a la liga season lol, if ur...
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    Appearance Request Thread!!

    any chance you can create an appearance for MIDO of boro. hes unbelievably unlike he is for real. also maybe either didier digard or Ross turnbull of middlesbrough cheers fells
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    hey, loving the fact someone is putting the effort in to make a high quality championship option...

    hey, loving the fact someone is putting the effort in to make a high quality championship option file :P. just wondering when you wreckon youl have it ready for download? cheers fella
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    If You Could Combine Fifa 09 and Pro Evo 09!

    The manager mode on fifa is so much better than pros master league its unbelievble really, negotiations are by far more realistic, you deal with real money and not points, you have job safety and manager prestige which just adds to the realism of the game. If pro could just add touches like that...