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  1. Arch3r

    Liverpool tactic

    liverpool provide more organised defence so to fully utilise it, you must have a more compact mid field with option of going into flanks. as for formation, its upto your playing style. Hint: Never use gerrard as center mid fielder. Reason: Guess yourself. haha.
  2. Arch3r

    Love it, Money problem.

    there is no money cheat but u can do a money hack if you're using pc version.
  3. Arch3r

    PC - PES 2008 'money cheat'

    how about this.. tell me all the options you want and i'll edit it for you..
  4. Arch3r

    Radar Editing tips

    nice files.. thx.. =D
  5. Arch3r

    Master league.

    just let it go and continue the season its suppose to get good onli after 1 season of losing and drawing... thats for me tho.. mayb some "pro" could win.. hahaha...
  6. Arch3r

    problem installing on pc

    most probably its just some outdated driver problem...... well.. how old is ur graphic hard is reli the problem here.. =D
  7. Arch3r

    Drogbar must score...

    this is bad... hahax.... my adebayor always does that blast over the top but except with his head.. dun ask me why..
  8. Arch3r

    Really good free-kickers

    Beckham is not there anymore in 2008. i'm sure this is under 2008 version rite? Adriano Van der Vaart Sneijder Babel Xabi Alonso Xavi btw giggs is not a v.good free kick taker I duno if anyone thinks he is good free kicker but he sure scores free kick for me. Ballack - Chelsea
  9. Arch3r

    Ronaldinho's Corner Kick -> Goal!

  10. Arch3r

    opposition free kicks

    after u press kick "A"xBox "x"PS for a weaker shot or hold down for a lob shot or both.
  11. Arch3r

    Most number of ML goals with 1 player

    Difficulty: Top Player ML level: Very Hard Number of goals: 79 Player: Messi Year: 2010(Season 4)
  12. Arch3r

    What's your online rating at the moment?

    660+ i guess? 4gotton didnt play much online after i meet up with 3 speed hacker in a row.
  13. Arch3r


    yes i did.. it wasnt as good as previously was. =D its not reli a problem for me.. bcos i use him(Square(Shoot) Button) to limit my opponent's movement then use my controlled man... to tackle. Works fine.
  14. Arch3r

    Internet connection..

    LooooooL.. so you did?
  15. Arch3r

    Most Underated player on PES2008???

    How about denilson? I think he've been overated as well? I'm an arsenal fan.. but when i try to play their carling selection of player.. i seems to vomit blood with every move i make... haha is it only me?
  16. Arch3r

    Major problem with getting Pes 2008 to start

    Hope this help?
  17. Arch3r

    Need help tweaking Man Utd for online

    Against Barcelona. 1-2 Formation. 4-3-3 Saha(LWF/CF/RWF)----------Tevez(CF)---------------------------- -------------------------------Rooney(SS)--------------------- --------------Ronaldo(AMF)-------------------------------------...
  18. Arch3r

    Intecepting the ball

    I would suggest you take a look at passing speed and passing accuracy of specific player maker or playing who hold the ball for you so you would be able to estimate the distance to pass so you would not get intercepted.
  19. Arch3r

    what team to choose?

    Can i help?? Option on teams: -Barca -Man U -AC. -Holland -Argentina Formation: -5-1-2-1-1 (Defencive) -4-2-3-1 (Counter-Attack and Mid Field CloseDown. Use Strategy Pressure with it.) -3-4-3 (Flank Attacking) -3-2-2-1-2...
  20. Arch3r

    My finishing is woeful on this game, help appreciated!

    Here.. run straight towards keeper... keeper run towards you.. defenders pulling u.. just tab the ball to diagonally to left or right then shoots back imi.. always works.. if u shoot too slow defenders will catch you.. too fast and u hit the keeper.. just practice practice practice.. =D