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    Top Players In Premier, Lfp And Bundesliga

    For Bundesliga I would suggest (I'm German): GK: Drobny (Hertha), Eilhoff (Bielefeld), Enke (Hannover) D: Castro (Leverkusen), Westermann (Schalke), Subotic (Dortmund), Mertesacker (Bremen), Lahm (Bayern), Schaefer (Wolfsburg), Delpierre (Stuttgart) M: Misimovic (Wolfsburg), Diego...
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    Valencia's New Kit Templates

    Just take a look into Von's OF, and there you are. I think its kits 002 - 004.
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    Classic Club Teams OF

    Which teams? I could try my best. But for positions it could be difficult, because those "classic" players used to play very much different than the possibilties given to us by Konami. How 'bout your Liverpool Candy Shirt? I tried one.
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    Box to Box player needed!

    Javi MArtinez from Malaga, classy and defensively great. I start him over Huddllestone
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    Classic Clubs OF/Classic CL OF

    Just a suggestion. But I'm looking forward to what you guys bring out.
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    Classic Clubs OF/Classic CL OF

    Just trying to put the kits together. How about Hamburger SV, Winner 1983? I will also do the kits for it.
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    Classic Clubs OF/Classic CL OF

    And here Borussia Dortmund 1996/97 GK Wolfgang de Beer GER 02.01.1964 181 81 Stefan Klos GER 16.08.1971 DEF Julio Cesar BRA 08.03.1963 190 Wolfgang Feiersinger A 30.01.1965 183 76 Jürgen Kohler GER 06.10.1965 186 Martin Kree GER 27.01.1965 Steinar Pedersen NOR...
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    Classic Clubs OF/Classic CL OF

    Here that Bayern team from 75/76: GK Sepp Maier Nat GER; Age 31 Hugo Robl GER; 21 DEF Franz Beckenbauer GER; 30 Georg Schwarzenbeck GER; 27 Björn Andersson SWE; 24 Bernd Dürnberger GER; 22 Bernd Förster...
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    How many minute matches do u play?

    I play 10 mins. Think the most realistic results.
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Yeah, that Chickhaoui is amazing. What I observed about him is that he declines quite fast. Although I still use him as a backup for Arda Turan, if Giggs or Juan Mata have their blue arrows. What I'd like to mention is that David Silva now at the age of 29 Just got red and orange stats except...
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Playing as Valencia Season 2015/2016: Van der Sar (reborn) (GK) Maldini (reborn) (SB) Raul Albiol (CB) Bos (CB) van Dyck (SB) Javi Martinez (CMF) Kaiser (AMF) Arda Turan (WM) David Silva (WM) Mauro Zarate (SS) David Villa (CF) Bench: Wolf Hildebrand Bianchi Nesta (reborn)...
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    who is your goalscorer

    enjoy my striker combo with Valencia in ML at the moment very much: David Villa & Mauro Zarate who I transfered from Lazio. Both good in hittin the back of the goal. Also my 22 year old Kaiser is very effective from in & outside the box