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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    I've only played about 5 games, all on top player and I've yet to lose. Oddly in 2011 I struggled a lot agains the CPU but played 2000 games on MLO and got a 60% win percentage. Perhaps the AI acting more like a human in 2012 is favouring the multiplayer players early on. Who knows.
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    Worryingly I think you might be right. I don't mean this as an insult Amateur but I honestly believe you might have issues that you need to speak to a professional about.
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    Or hold R2 and x (PS3) to track the defender, whilst facing the ball. Release R2 to tackle.
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    First destination on release day

    Get an option File Load MLO, try to make up for 2 weeks lost time.
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    I learned a long time ago to skip straight past anything he posts, I suggest you do the same. The pattern goes like this. First person posts an opinion. Sombody then replies. Amateur then posts an essay the length of the Old Testament based on his mythical control system and terminology...
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    About MyPes

    Yeah but how good does it make you feel when you play good football with a worse team and beat them. Better than ... well not that good but you get the idea. I don't play offline PES any more. MLO has revolutionised my view of the game. It's the singe greatest game mode in the history of...
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    MLO any news?

    I do hope that they publicise their plans for MLO soon, it's the only mode I play. Having been a normal Master League obsessive for a decade I am now bored to death by playing the AI. MLO is more addictive than Warcrack at it's peak. The 2 week delay for those of us in the UK is slightly...
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    PES 2012 UK Release Date: October 14th!

    I have no doubt the loyal fans will buy 2012, sadly the way FIFA and PES have been reviewed in recent years means the average console player will probably go for FIFA if they have never played either and the earlier release date of FIFA will only help them in that regard. I suppose that long...
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    PES 2012 UK Release Date: October 14th!

    Fick I would normally agree with you but delaying by two weeks to sidestep FIFA is going to put PES 2012 in the UK in direct competition with Battlefield 3 and MW3, that's not a battle PES can win.
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    PES 2012 UK Release Date: October 14th!

    Do we in the UK get a cash bonus or anything to make up for the 2 week disadvantage in MLO? Bet you we don't. Get fed up of fighting an uphill battle against the sort of people that exploited the 3 own goal glitch last year for 2 weeks before we can even play the game. All we want is a level...
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    An error has occurred - Connection to sever lost

    Konami. Whatever your server hardware set up is, can i make a suggestion? Double it and then double it again. And then do it again.
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    leave the ball controll?

    Super cancel is R1 and R2 on PS3.
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    Master League Online Competitions

    even took a day off work today to try to get into a daytime competition and i've still not managed to get into a single compeition. every single one fills up in under thre seconds and no amount of spamming the enter competition button helps. For those of us that started a week behind the rest of...
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    2 players and switching

    We played 2 players vs the CPU on pees since the old iss days and always played with what is now called semi-auto on the control system, it works much better that way. I've been doing that so long that I have to play single player that way too. I've not tried co-op on PES2011 though so can't...
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    Master League Online Competitions

    Can you post those tips straight in here please? 23:00 would be an option apart from the wife, child, work and raid schedule...
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    Master League Online Competitions

    Not sure if this is the right section but I just wanted to voice a request for more frequent tournaments on MLO. I tried to join the Div5 tournament at 14:00 yesterday . I tried at 13:59:59 and it was closed. I tried at 14:00:01 and it was full. There is clearly a demand for the spaces and...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    Well i'm playing online master league and after about 10 games i have to say that Frei has been an absolute star. Sadly Crouch was a disaster. Geremi is pretty handy as a DM.
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    Please keep at it, PES5 is wonderful.

    Make sure you don't become a system addict though. Have to say I do agree with GazzaMartinez, forget how you play pes and remember how to play football and you'll go a long way with pes5. I think it's sublime.
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    keepers never dive

    I've found keepers leaving the ball when they know it is going wide gives me a heart attack and I've also had my master league keeper stand and watch a ball go in. I think it's meant to simulate being wrong footed but it could be due to my team being the default muppets, who incidentally seem...
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    PES4 Master league Condition Thingy?

    Thanks. I wonder if it only effects players get a touch during the praccy bit. If it isn't effected by what you do on that screen then it seems pretty pointless really considering load times for the practice pitch.