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    who is your goalscorer

    Gonzalo Higuain. Cheap, powerful and fast!
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Off the top of my head: ---------------------Akinfeev--------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------M. Sakho----Fernandez------------- --Gambino-------------------------------Walton--- --------------------------------------------------...
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    Best ML players

    Bos, Marchisio, Yamada, Fujimoto, Gambino, Micah Richards, Orellano, Higuain, Rowland, Shaw etc etc.
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    Scoring Special Ability

    My player got it after three seasons, none with particularly high goal returns. Not really sure what you need to get it, my player is an SS and at the time probably only had 75 for shot technique and accuracy!
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    Players You Just Love Playing With

    Tevez!!! Love the way the commentator shouts his name, and although he isn't the fastest I can always use his ball control and catch people out.
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    Is there a knack to scoring one on ones.

    Run towards one of the goal posts at an angle instead of directly at the goal, left goal post for a left footer and right for a right footer. This draws the keeper toward you, then time your shot and hold R2 whilst placing it in the opposite corner. This technique opens the angle and gets your...
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    Kerlon Seal Dribble

    There should be a crunch tackle option, but Circle still pulls out some pretty filthy ones sometimes!
  8. Y


    L1 and R1 = the crab.
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    PES 2008 - Master League Young Improving Players

    Bos is a newcomer. Appears randomly at one of the transfer windows. Once he's appeared straight away for me, another time not until 5 seasons in. He's definitely worth the wait though.
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    Jaoa Moutinho

    Does anyone else use this player? I always overlooked him in the past because he has an early, short peak at about 90. I wish I hadn't though, I honestly think he's one of those players who plays so much better than their stats. Definitely the best playmaker I've ever used in PES, better even...
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    How to Reduce Sport Violence among children?

    Education. Children are more inclined to settle things with brawn rather than brains though, that's just the way it is. You can just hope that as they grow older they see that violence doesn't have any place.
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    Taking Free Kicks

    I think my best is still 39m with Gerrard. The ball went post-> goalkeeper's head-> net. Is it actually possible to get it straight in the net w/o hitting the woodwork from that kinda range?
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    He's pretty good and will become a 90-95 player with lots of patience I think! Trouble is I've spent all my time developing Gervinho so he's 21 now and a bit under-developed. That's why I signed Buga, his default growth hits 93 so he should become incredible. He's only 18 at the moment but is...
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Arsenal 2010: -------------------Rolong--------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ------------Sakho----------Sidnei------------- --Duffy-------------------------------Clichy--- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------Vanden...
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    Master League: Is this a glitch or what???

    I think there's quite a few glitches. On one of my master leagues De La Red was at the top of total assists from day one with 999 assisted goals, which is impossible. Also, I constantly receive bids of 0 for players like Gervinho and Walcott when they have 3 more years on their contract :-S
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    Weird Growth Charts - Help

    The line is their default growth trend. You can get them WAY above that with regular games and experience. I've had players who should be at 90 but hit 95 on there.
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Juan Pablo Pino + Gervinho = strike force made in heaven!
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Cheers! Dagaka is Iranian I think, ermmm club I can't remember. Might have been a free agent. Brilliant SB though, 95 for speed and accel. at 22 years old!
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    Player rating

    With Gervinho I had 1 assist and 3 goals today (I checked the stats and he had 7 shots on target), which brought him a 8.5 rating. Never seen higher than that though!
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Arsenal 2009: ----------------------Yohann Pele------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------- --------------M. Sakho---------Miguel Veloso------------- --Dagaka---------------------------------------Clichy----...