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    Online Password - PS3

    Hi, can anyone tell me if we can use the authentication code in more than one console? I want to lend the game to a friend and I want to know if he can play online or not, and if not how can he? I can't find anything in PSTORE. Cheers and thank you in advance.
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    [KITS] Mike1Zero's PNG´s

    Can I make a request? The only Champions League team missing in PES 2013 is BATE BORISOV it would be nice if you make that kit, please :) Nice work BTW
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    [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
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    Goal Celebrations PES 2013

    FC PORTO MAICON - 33 OTAMENDI - 10 LUCHO - 44(it's similar to his celebration) what Konami was thinking when they put him with celebration nº98 :shocking:
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    [FACES] faces by CulPipol (Requests Accepted)

    Amazing faces m8 :) Dunno if you take requests or not but it would be nice if you make GATTUSO and/or Zambrotta, I think lot of users would appreciate that :) Keep up the good work
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Get legends? Don't think so, they "talk" about some new mode 4vs4 but the way they describe it don't seem like LEGEND.
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Konami posted this on facebook a few minutes ago "Roster updates, new online modes and online fixes! All this and more included in our new DLC tomorrow" I hope LEGENDS ONLINE will feature in "new online modes"
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    Become A Legend & Online Team

    Dean C I really hope you're wrong :) I notice that in the back of the game box it says "Network Players, support for up to eight players will be added to the game through a free of charge online update" I may be wrong but isn't LEGENDS ONLINE the only game mode online that supports 8 players...
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    Balls that hit the post

    Seriously anyone else notice the numerous balls that hit the post and the crossbar each game??? I think I have an average of maybe 3 or 4 balls hitting posts and crossbar per game, it's only me(maybe I'm a bad shooter) or it happens to everyone? :ninja:
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2012/13

    I apologize in advance if someone already posted this but can anyone tell me the DETAILED SETTINGS of BUNDESLIGA? BADGE TYPE - HOW STANDINGS ARE RANKED - CARDS COLLECTED - BALL TYPE - Thank you so much
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    Editing Copa Libertadores?!

    I used to create D2 teams and put Libertadores players in D2 costume teams now I can't that mode is locked in editing, bravo Konami :gunfire:
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    The PES 2013 "Rage" Thread

    The problem is not my connection, when I play with people that have more than 20MB there's no lag, I think Konami servers are really bad compared to EA serves for example, PES it's the only game that I felt LAG since I bought my PS3 4 years ago.
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    The PES 2013 "Rage" Thread

    I think after 12 years I'm gonna quit PES for good, I feel robbed for the second year in a row. No I'm not going change to FIFA(I hate the gameplay) even though they have a great quality, they listen the FANS. ABOUT KONAMI: - They don't say s**** to the fans, they removed game modes like...
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    Players Remove after 11 October

    Witsel will be at Zenit
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    [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    I'm going to search for it, thanks man I hope someone in the future make the other 3(Legends). Cheers
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    [BASE-COPY] Players to base-copy before DLC (preset or not)

    Hugo Vieira(Benfica) - Sporting Gijon Ewerton (Braga) - Anzhi Djalma(Porto) - Kasımpaşa Ricardo Carvalho - Don't know if he's gonna feature in REAL MADRID squad, he was called to the Ajax game by Mourinho but he's been training in REAL MADRID C and CASTILLA, so I base copied him just in case.
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    Konami's 3 replies about connectivity issues

    I have maybe 30 friends in PSN that used to play PES, this year maybe 50% of them changed to FIFA13 because of this and because of Konami choice to remove LEGEND ONLINE, PES is losing fans not because is worse to FIFA but because Konami choices and issues in PES2013. Sadly...
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    Konami's 3 replies about connectivity issues

    What pisses me off the most is their SILENCE, they remove gamemodes like LEGEND ONLINE and LEAGUE and they don't say anything to the fans/costumers, they have several and huge issues in the online modes and don't say anything. Like I said it's ironic to have an amazing game like PES2013(maybe...
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    Konami's 3 replies about connectivity issues

    I don't think the PORTS are the issue here, I can play vs some users but I can't play vs another users for example. X has a room I try to enter but no luck I can't and I receive the message "Unable to enter" then other guy tries to enter X's room and he did it. Then I try to enter Y room and I...