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    Master League

    Master league is great. I just got promoted from D2 to D1 with Zenit. I was in the 4th place most of the season. Was behind by 5-7 points from the 3rd place with 5 games to play. Then with 2 last games of the season I was playing the second team in the league(PES united or w/e), which I beat 5-0...
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    An Error Has Occurred (PC VERSION)

    Another zenitchik huh? :)
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    PES 2009 FULL GAME impressions (including Dundon's from page 5)

    My review after playing it for a little less than a week: Graphics: Players look great in replays, but when you are actually playing the game they look okay. Running animations are not the best, as people have mentioned previously. Lighting has been greatly improved for this year and the...
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    MUST READ! Ive figured the crowd chant problem!

    Just got the game and tried it out. Does not work :( Only plays about 50 seconds of the file :(
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    MUST READ! Ive figured the crowd chant problem!

    I think it happens because the ball goes out of play. If it happens-chant restarts
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    "I don't like PES'09" Hate it? Well let us know here and only here.

    I agree, FIFA is a lot better online than PES, but I'm more of a offline player, so no problem there for me
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    "I don't like PES'09" Hate it? Well let us know here and only here.

    It does not HAVE to be, but it COULD be. It all comes down to personal preferences. I still do not find FIFA's gameplay enjoyable enough to pick it over PES.
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    PRO EVO 2009 quick REVIEW

    Well, I dunno, I've played both and somehow I like PES animations a little better. It would not hurt both games to update them, though.
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    PRO EVO 2009 quick REVIEW

    I dont think so. Well, yeah, they might not run realistically, but out of the two major titles I prefer the PES running animations. Ball physics is a lot better this year and the ball is treated like a separate entity, which is not the case with FIFA where the ball (while improved from previous...
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    MUST READ! Ive figured the crowd chant problem!

    What if the ball goes out of bounds or you get a yellow card? How about if you add your chant for MU for example, will your chant be mixed in with KONAMI's chants? Or will it be only your chant all the time?
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    Yeah, Malafeev is known to allow freekicks pretty easily, so no wonder you scored against him :)
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    MUST READ! Ive figured the crowd chant problem!

    Sweet! Well, now I'll be cheering for Hull next time I see their game, if you are really their fan :)
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    MUST READ! Ive figured the crowd chant problem!

    Thanks man! Im pretty excited if it really works. I hope I'll get the game tomorrow, so I'm doing all the prep work today so my Zenit looks and sounds right :)
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    Become a Legend

    BTW guys, so can you tell me, what exactly do you do with the money that you make in this mode? I mean, you are not the manager, so you cannot really buy players or w/e, so why do you care if you have a big salary or not? Thanks!
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    MUST READ! Ive figured the crowd chant problem!

    Wow man! Thanks A LOT! If this works then I dunno how to thank you!!! So you are saying that if I have like one chant file with 5 mins of chants then it will play right through it without stops? That's awesome! :)
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    Chants Question

    BTW, I've read somewhere that the chant mp3 can only be 30 seconds. Is it true? What if i merge like 3-4 chants into one mp3 file? Will it play the first part of the file at one time, then maybe change to the other chant in the file and so on? Or will it only repeat the first 30 seconds over and...
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    U.S Buyers buy E.u Version ..Any website ???

    Ordered from E-bay, but I guess the name of the website is They shipped my copy on wednesday.
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    Opening Games

    Well, I dont think it was the case two or even a year ago. But yeah, I'm proud we finally were able to win the Russian league last year. This year it's not looking so hot, but I hope we can finish in top 3 to qualify for next year's Champions League.
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    How many hours straight first day ?

    If I get the game on Saturday (which most likely is not happening, since they shipped it yesterday and it has to go all the way from UK to US) then about 8-10 hours. If I get it on Monday or Tuesday probably 2 hours.