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    [PS3] Mrgametight's US Base Option File

    I've read that there is now the option to copy the entire folder instead of doing it file by file individually now in PES2012. Is this possible?
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    The 'play advantage' symbol

    actually i think its in there, but its kinda broke.... u can notice sometimes the ref waving his arms to indicate play on, but sometimes if u lose the ball immediately right after he indicates play on, he doesn't bring play back to give u the free kick. It only happens if the opponent is the...
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    Few questions about index cards (BAL)

    1) Yes index cards do affect your overall rating 2) I'm not too sure bout that but i would think its possible. I remember seeing at the tips screen that training certain skills to a point would unlock certain cards. 3) Lotsa things affect the overall rating of a player now. The first and...
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    how do you go round the keeper?

    there are quite a few ways to round the keeper, fake shots (Square + X) or simply pushing the ball diagonally away from the keeper works well (when running towards goal, tap R1 and diagonally away from the keeper when ur close enough) . Though with the way the AI defenders have improved now, it...
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    Konami To Investigate Cursor Change Problem

    bout time they looked into it... while i've conceded a few goals due to this issue, most times i'm able to retrieve the situation.... but i've lost count the number of times my attacks broke down when i cant select the player i want when i make a pass... its even worse when i slide the ball...
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    Management Strategies!! how to do it and whats best!

    try not to overdo it with Possession Offensive though... sometimes your players push forward so far up front that if u get hit on the counter, your defense will get overwhelmed... i learned that the hard way when i was mucking around with it and a quick counter from the AI when i lost the ball...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    there is no league cup in PES. Only the FA cup.
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    Overall Player Ratings

    Well yeah it does affect the way they play. Not sure if their individual attributes drop as well but i'm guessing it might. But the thing with playing someone out of position, from wad i noticed is that unless they have the ability to actually play in that position, they will often get caught...
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    L2 Dribbling

    i think its a great feature. It makes dribble accuracy actually count for something now. It certainly benefits players with high dribble accuracy but low dribble speed. One of the infuriating things bout PES 2010 was that accuracy could count for almost nothing as long as the player had a high...
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    where am i going wrong

    hmmm weird. I've done it a few times already and its worked before. Though i might have pressed something else along the way, maybe R2 or something. Can't really recall without trying it again.
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    where am i going wrong

    well it does in a sense. Its harder for your player to control the shot when he's running all out. Usually only a few players are capable of shooting decently from that kinda situation. C.Ronaldo or Drogba are those that are likely to be able to pull it off. But in most situations, wad u can...
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    where am i going wrong

    there are a number of factors that come into play now for 2011 with the shooting system. Is ur player being pressured by the opponents? Is the angle awkward when taking the shot? Is the ball stuck in between his feet when u try to shoot? All these are taken into account now. In a sense they made...
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    Penalties soooooooo easy

    penalties certainly are much improved now. It allows for greater variation of how u wanna take it. Although it takes getting used to since its rather sensitive. But once u figure it out, u can pull off some pretty cool shots. My favourite would be dinking the keeper when he dives across the...
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    old school d pad??

    D-pad. Always been using it ever since i first started playing PES. Although the stick allows for greater range in terms of passing, i dun really find it that big of a difference. It seems easier to dribble with the d-pad for me too since the stick sometimes goes off tangent by abit.
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    Rainey's Stadium & Ad-Board Thread

    btw Shouldn't Arsenal be in Emirates Stadium now instead of Highbury?
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    Playes to join attack

    hmmm i think its still possible. Juz max our ur teams attacking level. The keeper should end up going forward too. But i'm not sure if it still works. That was how they got keepers up in 2010 if i remember correctly.
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    my Team's attacking style is 8 - medium. Maybe u can try increasing the team's Player Support to higher to help support the runs that ur teammates make for crosses. I've set mine to 14 - offensive and it seems to work fine. Juz gotta watch it cuz when ur wide players lose the ball too easily, u...
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    help with some questions

    1) i don't think its possible to turn them off unfortunately. I've tried looking around but there doesn't seem to be an option for it. 2) ur toking bout the strategies and team attack level and defence level right? (for PS3) In the past in order to turn them on it would be...
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    Penaltys (Xbox360)

    mine is the PS3 but i figure that the controls are the same. The penalties work rather differently now. I'll explain using the D-pad Assuming opponents goal is the right side: Let's say u wanna hit the penalty to the left corner. On the game screen, u would wanna Press UP on the D-pad and tap...
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    hmmm i think the crossing is ok. I've managed to score quite a few headers or volleys from crosses already. Its been toned down abit compared to 2010 where lotsa crosses ends up finding ur teammate's heads resulting in bullet headers that leave keepers flapping. Now its abit more random in that...